Β Life is about creating yourself.

Do you want to live yours putting yourself down or do you want to own your style, your body, your confidence? We spend far too much time putting others down but it seems we are meanest to ourselves. Why? The answer is beyond me but I want to help you find self-love and self-confidence to be the amazing person I know you are.

The blog posts are focused on my current journey to find myself and get back my confidence. I lost it for a bit but I am slowly coming back. The posts focus on fashion, fitness, and food. My style waivers between rock n roll, boho and comfort (aka lazy). I love working out and try to get some fitness in each day. It doesn’t always happen. And food. Who doesn’t love food? I want to have a healthy relationship with food and believe everything in moderation.

We will have highs and lows. Struggles and victories. But we can do it together. A team. I will share my ups and downs to help you. What are you struggling with? Have you lost your confidence? How can I help you be the best you ever?

Instead of tearing each other down, let’s build a community of support.