Moving In… Part II

J. has started to move his stuff in. It’s hit me… this is actually happening. There is no more turning back. This isn’t just discussion time. This.Is.Real. I’ve made the space for him and have been working on using ‘our’ or ‘the’ instead of ‘mine’ or ‘my’ but until boxes started showing up, it hadn’t truly sunk in.

The house is already in a whirl wind from me not completing the laundry or shredding this weekend but now there are boxes all over my kitchen. Boxes that I need to unpack and decide where to put things. Boxes with some items that need to be rinsed off or washed because it looks like he has used them only to collect dust. (I will admit, I had an item or two like this when I cleaned out my cabinets but he has more!)

The garage is becoming a catch-all until there is either a garage sale or curbside pickup scheduled. I told him, as long as my car fits, it can be a holding area. He brought over his DVDs but said not to worry about them. He will go through and figure out where we overlap. Is it bad that my third or fourth thought was but what if something happens? We talked about how we see our future together but you just never know. But does it make sense to keep two Spiderman dvds *in case* something happens? Does that doom the move from the start to keep two of everything?

Is this just cold feet on my part? I think it’s the nerves as the move-in date gets closer. I am still excited about starting this chapter of our lives together. There are so many things that we can do and places we can explore once we are living together. Relationships need to move forward. We need to grow together as a couple in order to grow as individuals. Actually typing these thoughts out, have made me even more confident in our decision. Sometimes you just need to “talk” it out.

For now, I am enjoying the peace and quiet of being alone for the next week and a half because soon, there will be J. and his (our) three dogs taking over.

Is it normal to feel this way? How should we handle the melding of our stuff? There is so much to think about! How do you get through it dearest readers??

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