DIY: Painting the Office

Between Christmas and New Years I spent my vacation painting the spare bedroom we use as an office. Once the paint was dry we were able to put together our new desks. The office is slowly coming together.

We went with three tan walls and one Sedona red accent wall. This was the first room I ever painted completely on my own. I learned a lot. I made some mistakes and decided next time I will hire someone to paint.

The office isn’t done yet. We have to put up all our sports memorabilia and remove the bed. Once the bed is out I will make that area a workout spot. Currently I have dumbbells but want to add a power rack with a real bar and weights.

office 1

That is the boyfriends desk and chair (with my snuggie on it). See where the bed is? Yah, that will be gone and leave me a good size workout space.

office 2

The desk on the left is mine. I am borrowing his chair because I need to buy a new one. Next purchase. The red in this picture is a little more true to color. The blind on the window broke when I took it down to paint, flooding the room with lots of natural light. New blind is also next on my list.

What DIY projects are you working on? How would you hang autographed hockey sticks (I think we have 4 or 5 of them)?

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