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I had the opportunity this summer to meet relatives from Norway. The story actually started in early 2014. Well, actually we could go even further back to my freshman year of high school but the ball really started rolling in 2014.

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So what happened in 1995-1996 that resulted in a family reunion in 2015? I took an advanced history class and one of our projects was to research our family back six generations. For me, that meant tracing my family back to Ireland, Germany, and Norway. I didn’t do as well as some people at finding relatives, but I could find who came over and when. My relatives never talked about homelands and only stories of reaching American were passed down.

Once completed, the project sat in my closet. Eventually, I started entering family on and slowly adding as I found relatives or hints. I only used free resources, which somewhat limited my findings. I am fascinated by ancestry and family history and keep plugging away when I have some free time to google and really get into a search.

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One day in 2014 I woke up to three emails from three different people claiming to be relatives. I read the emails and their story eerily echoed the story I knew. They were trying to plan a family reunion in Norway and wanted to find more relatives.

As it turned out, they were relatives and had much more information on the family in Norway than I had ever been able to find. I was unable to make the Norweigan family reunion due to travel plans I had already made, but my mom and her cousin were able to go which lead to having a family reunion in America this summer, which I was able to attend.

It was amazing to be able to meet relatives from Norway, along with local relatives we never even knew about. I hope to someday visit Norway and see where my relatives came from. I encourage you all to look and connect with your history. You may find some family you never knew you had!

Where is your family from? Have you, or do you hope to, visit?

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