National French Fry Day

Tomorrow is National French Fry Day.

french frySo… French fries are one of my favorite things to eat. And that has been and continues to be, one of the hardest parts of going gluten free. I can’t have delicious, crispy, greasy, yummy French fries at most places. I hope to one day make French fries safe for everyone by instilling the importance of separate fryers at restaurants. I want to give you money but you have shared fryers.

I miss McDonald’s fries the most. But Culver’s are a close second. I could list all of the places I miss fries at but that would be a long ass list.  Most restaurants have fries as a side but I can’t have them, so I either have nothing or settle for a salad or fruit. As much as I love fruit… it’s not the same. And don’t even get me started on the side salad, which is just a few tears off an iceberg lettuce leaf, a tomato and cucumber slice. LAME.


I am thankful for In and Out (although those are my least favorites), Chick-Fil-A, Red Robin and Five Guys. I can eat fries there and feel like a normal person and have a full meal. I also make Ore-Ida at home but in the oven. I want to get a fryer but can’t decide if I want a traditional fryer or an air fryer. Let me know your thoughts and recommendations if you have either of those!

I also do not discriminate and will eat sweet potato fries. And sometimes a good veggie fry will do. I also mix up how I dip my fries. Sometimes I eat them without any sauce or seasoning but I love dipping them in ketchup, ranch, and…. chocolate shakes (and no, it doesn’t have to be a frosty as some say but for me, it has to be chocolate ice cream). As for seasoning, I don’t like a lot of salt but I will do pepper or Red Robins seasoning. I used to love Pleasoning but it has gluten in it. Booooo. What is your favorite fry and how do you eat it?

How will you celebrate? Tell me in the comments!

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Jenna Volden has a degree in business and has spent the last 10 plus years working for others. She believes it is time to start her own photography and writing business. She enjoys running, coffee and helping others achieve their goals. Gluten-free foods are a lifestyle, not a choice, for her due to celiac disease. She is currently based in Phoenix, Arizona.

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