A National Bacon Day? YES!

Last week I told you about National French Fry day and how much I love it.

baconWell, now I have to tell you all about my other favorite food, BACON!

Today is National Flitch Day… aka National Slab of Bacon Day. And who doesn’t love a slab of bacon?!? I could eat bacon every day and there have been days where I have eaten bacon at every meal. Yup, breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I’d say I have a problem but I don’t really consider loving eating bacon to be a problem.

But Jenna… why is it called National Flitch Day? I am glad you asked so my curious googling did not go to waste! A flitch is actually an ancient English measurement, now known as a slab. From Any Day Guide, I learned that a married couple received a flitch of bacon if they make it through the first year and decide this will work. Um, can we continue that tradition? I’d get married if I got free bacon at the end of year one! Could I get remarried every year and get a flitch every year??

Can we also go back to flitch? It’s way more fun than slab!

With a flitch you could add some to french frys. And then throw some cheese on it and you have all of my favorite foods in one dish! You could go traditional and pair some with eggs. For lunch, throw some on a burger. And for dinner? Spaghetti carbonara! I am making myself hungry.

Does anyone have any good recipes to make for National Flitch Day?

Tell me in the comments what you make with this magical, yummy treat!

I celebrated today with some bacon with my breakfast. I mean, that’s pretty much a normal Wednesday for me but we can pretend it was in celebration. Tell me in the comments how you plan to celebrate National Flitch Day!

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