Run. Plan. Squirrel!

Do it all. With the help of coffee. LOTS of coffee. ☕


Run is both our physical activity and taking action on our plan!


What is that famous saying? If you fail to plan you are planning to fail? One of the best ways to determine our priorities is to plan.


As a multi-passionate creative, I usually have a million projects going. Somehow they all get done, somewhow, despite squirrel mode!

Runs on Planning

There’s a new Facebook group on the block.

Runs on Planning is the latest planning group to pop up! All planners are welcome! The best thing about the planner community is seeing how others use their planners, bullet journals, and notebooks. Everyone is so creative!

Join the Runs on Planning group to post your daily or weekly spreads. Got a fun notebook or planning pad? Show us how you use it! And of course, how you organize and store all your planners and supplies! We are always looking for new ways to store stuff!

Share your favorite planning tools. Share your tips, tricks, and hacks.

I’ll be in there sharing products and different ways to use them. I will also be hosting giveaways and planner destashes! And we will have monthly challenges! Some will be serious, like September is all about self-care, and other months will be more fun and silly (October’s theme is Spooky fun!). There will be free printables for most months so you can put everything into practice!

Join the new group now!

Let’s get this group rocking and start running your life!

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