Every planner has note pages somewhere and often we stare at that blank page and have no clue how we are going to use it. You may leave it blank. You may try something new every month. Or maybe you stick with what you’ve always done. But if you use an EC Daily Duo you now have a weekly note page. 

How the heck are you going to use that page?! 

Don’t worry… I got you! I’ve put together twenty, yes twenty, ways to use your new weekly note page! And if you don’t have a daily duo? You can still use these! You’ll just have to figure out where. Some would work well in your monthly notes pages, others in a separate notebook.

Many of these will have many ways you can set them up. Hopefully, this will give you some ideas to get started! The first 13 have mock spreads I made. Click through the gallery to view each one. 

  1. Goals – There are several ways you can set up a goals page for each week. You can create eight blocks and each block can be a goal category (fitness, family, work, etc). You can have either eight goal categories or you can do four categories on the left-hand side of the page and use the right to list action steps for each goal. You can also use seven of the boxes for Monday through Sunday with tasks you want to do each day. The eighth box can be a weekly review, weekly win, setbacks, inspiring quotes, or items to move to next week.
  2. Weekly overview – Many people miss having a weekly view in their daily planner. Now you can make your own! You can run your days of the week either across the top or down the left-hand side. Things you may want to include for each day: daily priority/top three, notes, shopping or errand list, dinner plans, and bills due. Making your own overview means you can customize each week (or day) as you need it!
  3. Meal planning – You can split the page in half. On the left-hand side, fill in your meals for the week and on the right, you can list any items you need from the store and prep work you need to do. I like to note when I need to take the meat out to defrost. 
  4. Budgeting – track your weekly spending and expenses. If you follow a budgeting method, like budget by paycheck, you can make the notes page your paycheck budget tracker. You can track your bills or business income and expenses. Or if you have a special occasion coming up, you can use the page to track your budget! Having a birthday party? Track what you’ve saved, what you’ve spent, and estimate what else you need to spend.
  5. Content planning – You can do your weekly post schedule with the days of the week down the side and the platform across the top. If you’d rather plan out a specific blog post or video you can create a checklist, brainstorm, and note sections.
  6. Habit trackers – You can easily make a checklist with your habits down the side and the seven days across the top or use stickers and stencils to keep track of all those daily habits in one spot!
  7. Cleaning checklist – If you have a weekly cleaning system you follow, create a checklist on your notes page! Divide the page up into seven days and add a little checklist of tasks for each day.
  8. Fitness tracker – Keep your weekly fitness goals and priorities in one spot. Compare your planned activities to your actual activity. Track your weekly water intake, mileage, and macros!
  9. Vacation planning – Have a big trip coming up? Use a weekly note page to keep track of all the important details like flight and hotel, places you want to go, and a list of what you still need to do.
  10. Project planning – Write out your work or school project with the due date, budget, objective, action plan, things to do, materials needed, notes, and key dates.
  11. A Currently… spread – keep track of everything you are currently doing.
  12. Home Improvement – Maybe you have a fixer-upper? Or you just have some things that need to get fixed around the house. This could also be used for a spring/fall deep cleaning. Make a spread with each area of your house and list out what needs to get done there.

The next set of ideas is fairly self-explanatory and I did not make sample spreads of these. You can use your imagination.

  1. Weekly wrap-up or memory keeping – write down how your week went, your wins, or fun memories.
  2. Brain dump – jot down what’s on your mind or things that don’t fit elsewhere in your planner.
  3. Event/Milestone/Celebration – Have a big event? Reach a big goal? Recognize it in your planner! Make a fun spread celebrating you.
  4. Master to-do list – write down all those tasks you need to do this week but don’t have a specific day it needs to be done. Think bujo style. You can mark them complete, in progress, or migrate to the next week.
  5. Shopping or errand list – have a lot of errands this weekend? Start your shopping list with everything you know you need and add throughout the week as other items come up.
  6.  Journaling – write one or two lines for each day.
  7. Gratitude – list three things each day that you are grateful for. Challenge yourself to not repeat something during the week!
  8. Order tracker – write down what you ordered, when, and from where then update with the date shipped and expected delivery date. You could also include what you paid and the tracking number.

Bonus idea: When we get to the busy holiday season, use your weekly note page to track holiday planning, decorating, and gift tracking! 

How do you plan to use your weekly note page? Drop it in the comments so we can get a few more ideas percolating! 

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