Are you looking for a beautiful planer that you could use at work or home? That looks sophisticated when you are out and about?

Have you seen the all new EC Focused Collection?

The Focused Collection for 2022 is a line of planners, notebooks, folios, and more perfect for all your personal or professional needs.

I received a box from EC with select items from the new Focused Collection and I must say I was extremely impressed with everything! It’s the EC quality you are used to in a minimalist collection. Before this, I have only bought a focused productivity notebook so it was fun to see the newest line and review these planners!

The first item I noticed when I opened the box was the new ultra-fine markers. I have been wanting to get these since they came out. OMG! I think these are my new favorites from EC. Check out my Focused Collection video to see me compare them to the rest of the EC markers (fine and dual tips). And don’t forget, you get 15% off when you buy four or more accessories!

Let’s start with the planners.

Pocket in pinstripe
I LOVE the idea of the pocket planner. It is just way too cute. But I bought one last year and rarely use it. I do like that the font/print is darker. It makes it easier to read than last year’s layer pocket planner.

A5 in slate blue
This size is perfect for work! I’ve already decided this will be next year’s work planner. I’m currently using the quarterly petites but this A5 will be a perfect replacement. And I’ll have the entire year in one book! I don’t have many hourly appointments at work so I mostly track weekly to do’s and a few other important reminders. I think the Focused A5 will be perfect for me!

And can we talk about this color? GORGEOUS.

8×10 in harbor
This year for my fitness/running journal I used the EC monthly binder. It was great to be able to remove pages but I had to write the date on all the pages. I had already decided I was going to get a horizontal planner but hadn’t ordered one yet. Now I don’t have to because the Focused one will be perfect!!! I love that each day has lines and a blank box. I can use the lines to record thoughts/feelings about the workout and the blank box for stats! And it will look really nice on my coffee table.

Padfolio in Pinstripe with blush interior
What I love about this padfolio, compared to the hello kitty or last year’s focused version, is each pad is different! This one has an hourly pad, a list, and a weekly pad instead of two lists pads and a weekly pad. This would look great on your work desk. Or I could see this as a family command center for those really busy days when all your kids have all their activities. You could use the hourly pad to track everyone’s activities for the day and the list pad for all the errands or tasks.

Standup Padfolio in harbor
This may look familiar! We got a similar one in the seasonal surprise box. I think most people plan to use this for meal planning. It would be perfect for that. I also think this would be perfect for work! You could set it up on your desk and fill in important items or reminders for each day and use the to-do list for your tasks.

Deskpad in blush
This is an undated monthly calendar and it will be replacing my current EC Monthly Deskpad. I like that it is a little smaller than the EC Monthly. Plus I don’t use the stickers that come with that one. I also like that the blush is very understated. It’s not in your face pink. The only downfall is I have to fill in all the dates. I do prefer dated calendars/planners.

Overall, I really do like this collection. If I didn’t I would tell you (see: Java with Jenna Episode 3 about the last EC Sticker Subscription). My favorite item from this collection would be either of the planners. I can’t decide if I like slate blue or harbor better. The colors just happen to be two of my three favorite colors (the third would be black). I like the pinstripe pattern but I’d prefer it in silver. I have never been a big fan of gold. But I do still buy EC items in gold because they are great products.

What is your favorite item from the Focused Collection? How would you use it?

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