Disturbed – Jennifer Jaynes – 3 stars
I found this book on Amazon Prime, and the description sucked me in. Multiple murders on Halloween and five years later, the lone survivor starts seeing the alleged murderer around town? Yes, please. I love a good thriller! The good: it’s an easy read. I think I finished it over a weekend. I flew through the first half on the edge of my seat. Was it him? Maybe the cop had something to do with it. No, he seems like too good of a guy for that. Oh, wait… I think I have an idea. I really hope that’s not how it goes. The bad? That was how it went. I wasn’t a fan of the twist and ending. It just wasn’t for me. If the conclusion had been something a tad different, I’d probably have given this book four stars. It’s not a bad book, and who knows, you may like the twist/ending! I may try another book by the same author through Amazon Prime. Her writing is good and her other books have good reviews.

Yoga for Runners – Christine Felstead – 3 stars
Overall a decent book. I liked that it had sequences in the back for different issues. The writing before the poses/sequences was a bit dry for my taste. I have read other yoga and anatomy for runner books that I enjoyed more for the reading. This one is worth at least perusing for the poses and sequences.

Girl, Stop Apologizing – Rachel Hollis – 2 stars
I never read her first book, Girl, Wash Your Hair. I looked at it several times. I read a lot of reviews, and I wasn’t interested in paying for her books. I saw this book on Amazon Prime, so I decided to check it out. I get the negative reviews. There is a lot of privilege in her book. I went with two stars because it is an easy read and she is a decent writer. As far as the advice? It’s stuff I see all over the internet. There’s nothing new or groundbreaking. To me, she came across as if she was trying too hard to connect with the audience. It felt forced, fake. She is not my self-help guru, but if she helps you, that’s great! I’d rather read Brene Brown.

Started It – Stephen King
This review will be in May’s blog. It might be the only book in May. I started it about a week ago, and I’m only 35% done! It says my kindle edition is 1169 pages. So far, I’m intrigued by the story and want to keep reading. But like other King books, there seems to be a lot of excessive details that don’t really add to the story. I bought this book last year because I am terrified of the original movie (and clowns) and thought it would be good to help me get over it. Even though books allow me to imagine much more than film, they don’t scare me the same way. I finally decided to read it because a friend kept asking. I shouldn’t have told anyone about my plans. LOL (Also, we have the new It movies on the DVR, and I’d like to test myself – does anyone know where I can find the original?)

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