Curious about the new Archer & Olive Creativity Case? If yes, this blog is for you!

I ordered the emerald version, with a tan interior (currently unavailable), and is also available in charcoal with a black interior or mint with an off-white interior. All three options have a herringbone pattern on the outside. The Creativity Case is $45 ( you can get it for $40.50 with my affiliate link and code Runsonespresso at checkout. I will receive a commission with no effect on your shopping experience). I found this price to be fairly in line with similar cases.

What is the Creativity Case?

The creativity case is made for on-the-go planning! Even if you only travel from room to room in your house. Archer & Olive states it will hold up to four pounds of planning supplies including 28 pens, 10 rolls of washi, and notebooks up to size B5!

But does it really hold all that stuff?!?

I decided to see what the Creativity Case would really hold. I am happy to report that I stuffed many different products in this bad boy and it could handle all of it!

And more.

Looking at the outside you have that subtle herringbone pattern in the fabric, which gives it a slightly elevated look and feel. The zipper and other hardware are a nice antique bronze and appear to be heavy-duty and ready to work. The zippers open and close easily. The pull tabs on the zipper are a round Archer & Olive logo. The handle will lay flat for storage but easily slides when you need to grab and go.

Creativity Case

When you first open the case you have several pockets on one side and a snap-in pen holder on the other. Starting with the pocket side, you get three mesh pockets of various sizes (8.5″x6″, 6″x6″, and 3.25″x6″). These can hold stickers, although you need to be careful sliding them because the paper will get caught on the mesh. You can also put in tweezers, stamp sets, stencils, post-its, washi cutters or cards, and other small tools. Behind the mesh pockets is another large, non-mesh pocket (11.5″x6.5″) perfect for a notebook, stickers, or stamp sets.

The pen holder has space for 28 pens. The elastic isn’t too loose or tight and will safely hole a variety of writing tools securely. Of course, I tested Acrylographs and Calliographs but also Tombows, Ohuhu Dot Markers, Zebra Pens (Sarasa Clip) and Mildliners, EC Dual Tips, and a drawing pencil. Once loaded I shook the pen holder (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Start), and everything except the drawing pencil stayed put.

Behind the snap-in pen holder is the final section. It has two ribbons with snaps across the top and another mesh pocket (5.5″x8″). You can load the ribbons up with washi but if you do more than five per ribbon it becomes harder to close with the snap-in pen holder and you limit the notebook size you can store under the washi.

I was able to fit two notebooks in the space but then it becomes difficult to close with pens on both sides of the snap-in holder.

Overall, the Creativity Case is great for moving around the supplies you need for your current bullet journal. You won’t be able to fit everything you own in it but can fit what you need to the week or maybe month. You can fit three notebooks in there, maybe more if you leave out the snap-in pen holder.

The case seems incredibly sturdy and well-made. Plus it looks gorgeous! I would recommend this if you are looking for a pretty and convenient way to take your journal and supplies on the go!

Want to see a video version of this review? You can watch it here.

Did you get the Creativity Casse? If so, which color did you grab? If not, what color would you get? What will (or would) you carry in it?

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