Fall is my favorite time of year and I have a hard time resisting fall merchandise! When I saw Archer & Olive’s fall reset AND the bring back the favorites launch I knew I had to make quite the order! Budget be damned! 

The hardest part was choosing my must-haves and sizes!

I am fairly new to Archer & Olive, I knew I’d want to pick up some of the older notebooks I missed before I knew about them. They were kind enough to release the designs and I made sure to decide on my top three. I knew the favs were only available in A5 so the size was easy, it was picking which designs I had to have.

It was difficult but I knew I had to have the Grayter Good Galaxy. I kept seeing ads for this Archer and Olive company with this beautiful black notebook online. Eventually, I clicked on the ads but I couldn’t find the notebook! Turns out that is the Galaxy notebook and now I finally have it in my hands! The A5 Galaxy notebook has a black vegan leather cover with silver edge pages, 160 pages, and is $37. It is currently still available!

Of course, I had to get the Grayter Good Coffee Cup notebook because, well, duh, I love coffee and everything coffee-related. It’s like a signature or something. Could I keep calling myself Runs on Espresso if I didn’t get this notebook?! The coffee cup has a beautiful brown pebbled vegan leather cover and is still available for $37.

Lastly, I wanted a notebook from the Halloween collection because I love Halloween and these notebooks are gorgeous! All of the Halloween notebooks come with a black vegan leather cover, a holographic design, and silver-edged paper. I got the raven, which ended up being even more unique! The Halloween raven somehow got mixed up with the visitor so you get a Halloween The Visitor notebook! It’s still available and costs $37.

For the fall notebooks, I knew I would get sizes other than A5 since all the favs only came in A5. I reviewed the designs and decided I would get the book stack and camera. Deciding on sizes? That was a little harder. I knew I wanted one 8×8 notebook and decided to do the camera for that one since I am a photographer. I thought it was appropriate. Although, I want to use square notebooks for my book journals so the book stack probably would have been more appropriate. Oh well. You can still get the camera design in most sizes. The camera is a beautiful orange color and the 8×8 is $39.

I debated on the B6 or A6 for the book stack and ultimately went with the B6 over the traveler. I like both sizes but B6 seems more useful. It’s also not too small that you can’t get creative with it. I feel the pocket size is too small. I am currently using a personal size and always wish it was larger. The book stack has a gorgeous green cover and is unfortunately sold out in EVERY size! Seriously, not surprised because it is a beautiful color! I hope they re-stock these so you can grab it! OH WAIT! The traveler’s size ($35) is still available. I’d go grab it now if you want it because I bet it sells out too!

Both the Favs and Fall collections have several other options if these aren’t your jam.

I also grabbed both sets of the fall stickers ($11 each) because I am a huge fan of both decorative and functional. The stickers are a nice way to incorporate all the designs for fall without shelling out for notebooks. There are also two washi sets ($15 each) but I decided to pass on those. I have so much washi as it is and I really only wanted one roll from each set. Look at me being all responsible!

I have not yet used my June sub box wax and seal but I needed that book stack seal and wax! I grabbed the book stack seal and wax because the wax color is gorgeous! I really want to start working with the seal and wax more so this was like my pre-reward! If you are sad you can’t get a book stack notebook, you can still grab the seal for $25. 

Lastly, after much back and forth and seeing the travel pouch in action, I had to grab it. Then, of course, I needed the matching tote. They are both brown vegan leather. The pouch is currently sold out but I bet they bring these back! The travel pouch is $65 and the tote is $75.

When you first open the pouch and tote, there is almost a real leather smell. The vegan leather is super soft and feels very close to real leather. They both seem like very high-quality items! The travel pouch can hold up to an A5 notebook and has a snap-in pouch for pens, stickers, and other small items. You could even use this for toiletries. The zipper seemed to stick at first but the more I have open and closed it the smoother it runs. 

The tote is quite large! I am impressed with the size. There are three pockets inside, two small ones on one side and a large one on the other side. You could definitely carry a lot in here! My only dislike is that there is no closure. I know, I know, totes don’t usually have those! I love ones that have a little magnet at the center. It makes me feel like everything is more secure!

What did you grab? Share your haul in the comments! If you didn’t get anything yet, what are you going to get?

Looking to grab a few of these? Head over to A&O and be sure to use my code Runsonespresso to save 10%! Affiliate link and code – I will receive a small commission if you buy. 

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