Fall might be my favorite launch time, right behind Halloween, of course!

When the fall Archer and Olive launch was announced, I marked my planner and got my trigger finger ready. I didn’t want to miss out on any of the fall goodies! And my sub-box came around the same time, so stick around until the end to hear my thoughts on Vintage Library!

I ordered both sets of calliographs. I finally realized I don’t really use or like the acrylographs and skipped them this time. I always reach for the easier-to-use item, so calliographs it is! The fall launch had two sets, Autumn Morning and Autumn Midnight. I was mostly drawn to the Autumn Midnight, but both sets look very nice together. They did add labels to both sets, which is extremely helpful.

How fun would it be to be the person who gets to name pen colors?

I also ordered the gray pouch. It is a nice, sturdy canvas material with the enchanting wolf print inside. There is only one large pocket, no internal pockets. It is long enough to fit calliographs, Tombow, or other duel brush pens. The gray canvas feels stiffer than the green one released earlier this year. 

It wouldn’t be an Archer and Olive launch without washi tape! I grabbed both the enchanting wolf and books & coffee. I love both designs for different reasons. The colors and theme of books and coffee feels very fall. The enchanting wolf doesn’t really say fall to me, but I love the different shades of blue with the gold. It will be great to use any time of year!

And no Archer and Olive order would be complete without stickers! As with the washi, I got the enchanting wolf and books & coffee sheets. You get two of each. The books & coffee stickers have the same saying as the washi.

I also had to have the stamp set! It will be perfect for creating fun bullet journal spreads or memory keeping. It will be perfect for next year’s reading journals. It came with several stamps, an ink pad, and an acrylic block. Besides books and coffee, there are also leaves, which could be fall or regular, depending on which colors you pick. 

Lastly, I grabbed the book & coffee notebook in 8×8. I am loving the square notebook lately. It’s such a fun size and versatile for many things! I love the box it came in. It looks like a book and slides out. The notebook is a deep green with a rose gold icon and matching rose gold ampersand on the ribbon bookmark. I also took the opportunity to pre-order the A5 because I love this design so much!

Personally, I love all the items I got in the fall launch. Everything is beautiful, and it feels very much like fall and Archer and Olive returning to their roots. There are some fall launch items left. If you want to grab something, head over to Archer and Olive, and don’t forget to use my code Runsonespresso, to save 10% on your order (affiliate link and code, I will receive a commission).

Did you grab anything in the fall launch? Let me know in the comments!

Now, for the Vintage Library Sub Box.


I haven’t been a subscriber since the beginning, only about a year or so, but this is by far the best sub-box I’ve received! Pretty much everything in this box was perfect, and I will find a use for it all!

The box itself has a beautiful book design around the outside, and the top says, “Welcome to the Archer and Olive Library. You are invited to come inside and take it all in. Every wall is filled with handcrafted books with exquisite detail. There is quiet peace, a record of the human experience throughout history. Find your favorite nook, settle in, and stay a while”.

Such a beautiful sentiment.

Starting with the calliographs, we have a set of five. I believe some of these have been in other collections, but I don’t mind because all the colors look so good together. There are different shades of browns/tans and blue. Unfortunately, these ones are not labeled. That is a small disappointment.

We get four rolls of washi, starting with a roll of gold stars you can use for book reviews! I love this idea. You don’t need to draw or try to use a stamp or stencil. One roll looks like individual spines of books, and another like all your books lined up on a shelf. And the fourth one looks like postage stamps with “book review,” “currently reading,” and “from the library of.” What a fun idea! The washi is a nice touch and will be great in journal spreads.

The sticker sets are called book and typewriter stickers. Each pack has two stickers (four total), and each set has a white and a very light off-white sheet. The sheets have letters, numbers, and symbols. I like the idea of these; they look great, and a lot of thought went into it. But I have no idea how to use these. I would have much preferred stickers of books. 

I was very excited to see the next item as I had wanted one for a few months but hadn’t gotten to looking for one. It is a rotating date stamp and ink pad. Perfect for dating your journals! You can change the month, day, and year. And once you have rotated through all the years, there is a blank space so you can still use the month and day.

Next up are the oversized binder clips. They look cool, but I don’t know how I will use them. They measure about four inches tall and two inches wide. They are much larger than normal binder clips. 

We get a cute little memo pad that looks like the old library checkout cards for paper products. They are blank, so you can use them for anything. It is tri color with blue/gray/purple, yellow, and pink. I wish the pink were a different color. It doesn’t really go with the rest of the box and colors used.

Then we have the pocket library, which is a nice box with two oversized pocket notebooks. The details on the box and notebooks are fantastic! One is burgundy, vegan leather with lined pages, while the other is olive linen with a vegan leather pattern inlay with dot grid pages. I don’t want to use these; I want to display them! 

The last item in the box is an A5 notebook in blue buckram cover with navy and pearl accents. It is a dot grid notebook. This one feels special. So much so that I don’t want to use it! Of course, I will, but I want to find its perfect use. Maybe a future reading journal?

If you have any ideas for the book and typewriter stickers, please drop them in the comments because I am at a loss at how I want to use them. 

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