I recently started and finished, The Happiness of Pursuit* by Chris Guillebeau. Somewhere along the line, it was recommended, either by someone on social media or some article.

I thought the topic of the book seemed interesting and hadn’t thought of myself pursuing a quest.

It turns out I already am pursuing three quests!

One of the stories in the book is the attempt to go to every MLB stadium. Well… I am already doing that! As well as every NHL arena and every National Park (and as many National Monuments and State Parks as humanly possible). I never sat down and decided to do this as a quest. I didn’t set a timeline or end, but they naturally evolved as I went about my goals.

Although I think some of the quests in the book are nuts, it was still a great read and fun to see what makes others happy. I don’t have the desire to travel to every country or walk across one. Or ride my bike around the world I realized we all have our own pursuits.

It’s interesting to read what others picked and why. Also, the lessons learned by these individuals can be applied universally.

The book was a good reminder that you aren’t a failure if you don’t complete a quest. Your goals and path can change. As long as you reevaluate WHY you are changing your goals, it’s not a failure. Plans and people change. Your quest doesn’t define you. You should learn and grow and as you do your priorities may change.

The book is a reminder that it is the journey, not the destination that brings us the most joy.

What book(s) have you read recently that you connected to? What did you take from it?

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