August is back to school time but many of us adults are also dealing with heading back to the office. New desk accessories can help ease the transition to more in office days.

Some of us have been working at home for the past year and a half and workplaces are starting to call people back into the office. I am settling into my new schedule of three days in the office and two telework days each week. 

Being at my work office more, I’m realizing how boring it is compared to my home office!

Over the past year and a half, I’ve added more EC desk organization to my home office but my work office has some old, sun-faded items I bought at Target about 10 years ago (maybe more)! I’ve been debating if I upgrade my home office and take the old stuff to work. Plus, I’ve realized going back and forth I need a different setup at work.

desk accessories

What do I use at home? So much.

I may have a slight obsession with pens and highlighters so I have plenty of pen holders. My favorite is the hexagon in navy and pool. I also love the clear trays that came in the MCC acrylic set. The little one is great for small post-it notes and credit cards and the long one holds my gum, eraser, white-out, extra staples, and my work cell phone. The letter holder has a lot of stickers. 

desk accessories

I think I need another acrylic set for my work office.

I also use the triangle paper holder for all my work folders. At work, I have a standard, boring black one. Might need to upgrade that! And lastly, I have the layers desk organizer. I might take this set to work and replace my home one with the new color blends set. 

desk accessories

What desk accessories would you grab to update your work office? 

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