What was my book of the year?

The Happy Runner by David and Megan Roche which I read way back in February.

How did I arrive at this conclusion? I went through the books I read each month and picked my top choice from those that I gave five (5) stars. Then I put those picks in an imperfect bracket and had a faceoff! It was a tough choice for some of the matches but The Happy Runner came out on top!

The Happy Runner was also my most listened-to podcast episode.

Want to grab a copy of The Happy Runner? Click here to get on Amazon (affiliate link – I will receive a small commission if you purchase from my link).

Yes, I haven’t finished up my reviews for the year. I am a bit behind but still plan to get them posted, just a few months late! I have many updates for September to December! For 2022, I plan to stay on top and publish each month for the previous month.

Here is my bracket so you can see all my top picks:

book of the year
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