Daniels’ Running Formula by Jack Daniels 


Daniel’s Running Formula is kind of considered the running coach bible. The OG of running books. Daniels covers V02 Max from a scientific standpoint with studies and graphs to back him up. His coaching theory all revolves around V02 max. 

Overall, this is a great resource for running coaches. It definitely has more of a focus on high school and college. It would be a great resource for people interested in the science of running or for coaches to boost their knowledge base and reference.

Your Brain’s Not Broken by Tamara Rosier, PhD

Narrated by Suzie Althens

☕️☕️☕️/5 for the content

☕️/5 for the narration

I did not like the narrator. I found her voice difficult to pay attention to and feel I missed a lot. A few times I had to rewind to catch things I missed. And other times I was like I can’t listen to her any longer.

I didn’t feel like there was anything in here I didn’t already know. I have heard the author on podcasts and her interviews are very interesting and engaging. I wonder if I would feel differently had she read the audio version or if I had read the book. I reserve the right to update in the future if I read the book. 

Organizing for the Rest of Us by Dana K. White

Narrated by Author


This is basically a list of 100 tips on how to organize your home. Not clean, organized. Because you need to organize before you can clean.

I would recommend this for people that are struggling to declutter and organize. Some of it is very basic and it may not apply to you but there are a lot of, “why didn’t I think of that” ideas. 

American Mother by Gregg Olsen 


I  received a Kindle copy of American Mother from Netgalley in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own and not influenced by receiving the book for free.

Bruce Nickell dies unexpectedly and the coroner rules it natural causes. Soon after, Sue Snow, a complete stranger to Bruce, dies under mysterious circumstances. Turns out Sue Snow died from cyanide-laced Excedrin. Bruce’s wife hears the news of Sue Snow and wonders if her husband Bruce could have died from cyanide. He took Excedrin daily.

What unfolds in American Mother (formerly Bitter Almonds) is the seemingly unconnected deaths by cyanide of Bruce Nickell and Sue Snow. Did the Pacific Northwest have its own Tylenol killer? Did someone take inspiration from the infamous, still unsolved Chicago poisoning? 

Gregg Olsen writes true crime so well that at times you forget it’s not one of his fictional novels. True crime can sometimes be a bore but Olsen keeps you riveted and wanting to see the pieces come together. 

I only gave it four coffees instead of five because there were so many people. It was hard to keep them straight at times. I would have benefited from a list of those involved and their relation to the case.

I would recommend this book to fans of true crime. I knew of the Tylenol murders but had never really looked into the story behind American Mother. I do recall seeing the Bitter Almonds book but had not yet read it.

Resting Scrooge Face by Meghan Quinn

Narrated by Carly Robins, Aaron Shedlock

I  enjoyed having two different voices narrating the main characters. It added to the story and made it easier to follow over one narrator changing their voice for different characters. 

Caleb writes a note about his frustrations with Christmas. Unbeknownst to him the local mailman picks up his discarded note and gives it to his ex, Nola. 

Nola is also not feeling Christmas after a recent breakup and writes back to the mysterious Scrooge.

The two begin writing back and forth slowly falling for the other writer. Caleb figures it out first and realizes he still has feelings for Nola. Will they fall back in love with Christmas AND each other? 

Much of the story is told through the letters between the characters but there is also some regular storytelling mixed in. I would recommend this to people looking for cute Christmas love stories. 

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