Ugh, I had been going strong with reading and then March happened. I did finish one book and it was one from my physical TBR that I really want to get through! I guess that’s a bonus point for me. 😆 I hope your March reading was much more fruitful than mine. Let me know in the comments your favorite book you read this month!

Lift Like a Girl by Nia Shanks


This book covers weight training, diet/nutrition, and fitness. Nia Shanks covers these topics based on the fact most women are raised to think they need to “earn” their food, fix their weight, and be smaller. But is that really the best approach to health and fitness? 

Shanks encourages you to find exercise you enjoy and do it for enjoyment, not punishment. Not as a thing you do to get to eat food. She also covers how food should help us fuel our life and how a balanced approach to eating should look.

There is also a simple weight lifting plan included in the book.

I gave Lift Like a Girl 3.5 out of 5 coffees. It was a good read, not to long, but covered a lot of topics. There is nothing groundbreaking in the book. She covers all the relevant topics and has both scientific evidence and client stories to round out those topics. Overall, a decent book without a lot of fluff, which I appreciate.

I would recommend this book to women interested in health and fitness especially if they are newer in their journey. If you’ve been around a while you probably already know everything in the book but could also be a nice refresher or reminder. Sometimes even those of us who have been doing this a while need that. 

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