May was supposed to be the month to get back on track. I was going to read SOOOOO MANY books and get my reading goal of 52 per year (one per week) all caught up. That did not happen. I may have another low reading year and not make my goal. OR I can try to catch up starting in June…

I did read some really great books this month, one for book club and one for my own photography education. What did you read this month? Anything worth adding to the TBR?

The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

☕☕☕☕/ 5

Leni grows up in the wilderness of Alaska. She battles the “great outdoors” and her abusive father while learning to survive growing up and first love.

I loved this book. I felt drawn to Leni and her using books to escape. I enjoyed all the references to different books and authors. I also love the idea of moving to a little town in the middle of nowhere and learning how to live off the land. Of course, Alaska is a little too cold for me. I prefer going off-grid in Hawaii.

This book does cover heavier topics, including domestic violence. It may not be suitable for everyone. I would recommend this book as a coming-of-age, love story. There are no graphic sex scenes, but again, domestic violence is described in detail.

Vision and Voice by David duChemin

☕☕☕☕/ 5

vision & voice

David duChemin explores editing your photos by feel, by the emotion you want your audience to feel.

This book was beneficial to me at a time when I have struggled to edit photos. I may not be able to answer all his questions but I can see where the questions are important. I also realized I need to play more with my images. Use the different sliders to get my image to say what I want it to say.

I would recommend this book to fellow photographers, especially if you are struggling with your editing. 

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