Sometimes you need to step back and re-evaluate your plan.

I recently had to face the music and change my marathon plan. I had been doing a plan which included speed work. I love doing speed work but it was becoming too hard in the summer heat and humidity. I struggled to hit paces, walk or stand to recover, and not want to go out for those runs.

Which is not like me. 

I usually look forward to going out for speed workouts (well, except tempo runs but that’s another story) and knew something was wrong since I was dreading them. Even my favorite, 400-meter intervals. 

I thought about switching plans and discussed it with my best running friend. She thought switching to the Just Finish plan for August was a great idea. I also did an Instagram poll that said it was determined I should drop the speed work and go with the Just Finish plan.

So that’s what I did.

It’s not my first choice because I would love to finish a marathon in under five hours. But my main goal is to just finish a marathon so it makes the most sense. I still plan to try for under five hours.

I set aside some time and updated my running binder* with the new plan for August, September, and October. I also plan to find a way to get more strength training and yoga in. I want to do two days of strength and one of yoga. I will probably add yoga to Sunday after my long run. I like getting an extra stretch in after.

I’m struggling with strength though. I need an actual plan I can follow. But all the plans I have are for four or five days, not two. I don’t want to adapt a plan to two days a week. I’ve done that and right now I need something like “two day strength training for dummies”. 

Does that exist?

Do you have a strength program that is set up for twice a week? Drop it in the comments! I have dumbbells, bands, and a bench at home so I can do a lot (or find similar exercises).

Have you ever had to switch up your training plans? Why? And how did you handle it?

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