Does the Clever Fox Premium Edition work for ADHD?

I have always been interested in the Clever Fox line so I was excited to try this one. 

The Amazon listing says it will increase your productivity and help you reach your goals! It comes in an A5 size and I choose the gorgeous aquamarine (one of 16 colors) in a vegan hardcover. It came in a nice keepsake box, an instruction booklet, and three ribbon bookmarks. The paper is listed as 120gsm. It also came with a set of six sticker sheets. The stickers are a mix of functional and decorative.  

I do appreciate when a planner comes with some instructions! 

The first part of the planner digs into your mission, passion, and goals. There is space for a vision board and then space to set and set goals in eight areas of your life. Each goal area has room for three goals. Then you decide on five goals to work on for the next quarter. There is a dot grid page for a mind map for your goal planning. 

After goal setting, you have your 12 monthly spreads and monthly review. 

The monthly spread starts on Monday and only has five rows so if the month starts on Saturday or Sunday you will have to double up a few dates into one square. Along the bottom, you have room for the month’s goals, wins, and how you’ll improve next month. Down the righthand side is an area to plan. It includes five squares listed as: habits to adopt, skills to learn, things to avoid, places to go, and people to see.

After your monthly view, there is a monthly review with questions and a wheel of life circle to measure how you are doing in eight areas of your life. The review questions are pretty standard. Then it goes into the next month. And after every three months, you get to change or update your 3-month goals with another five goal page and mind map. 

There are 54 weekly spreads after the 12 monthly spreads. 

Each weekly spread is two pages. The lefthand side is a horizontal weekly spread. The weekdays each go all the way across while Saturday and Sunday split but are taller than the weekdays. The date box is shaded gray and has the three-letter day next to it. On the right hand side is a weekly dashboard. At the top are this week’s main goals and priorities. Below that is a dot grid section followed by a to-do list, habit tracking, and this week’s wins and how to improve next week. 

In the back of the book is a handful of dot grid pages and a pocket. The sticker sheets do not quite fit in the pocket.

First Impressions:

I was excited to dig into this one. So much so I changed up the rules and am going to attempt to use this for the year! I want to see how it works as a planner and how it compares to a system such as MakseLife. I didn’t feel quite as excited for any of the other planners so far (except maybe the Planner Pad).

I started filling everything out at the beginning but lost momentum. I didn’t do some of the questions or the vision board but I did put in some goals! The categories were very similar to most of the other goal setting systems I have seen. I then picked five goals to focus on for the next three months. I didn’t do the mind map. 

The main thing that I do not like so far is the monthly spreads all being together then all the weekly spreads after. I used one of the bookmarks to mark the monthly calendar but have not really gone back to use it. I am also not a big horizontal weekly layout person but I think I can make it work. I split each day into three sections, one for work, one for appointments/meetings, and the other for miscellaneous items. 

I think the weekly dashboard is where this planner really shines!

I love putting my main goal for the week. I used one of the stickers, “No Spend Challenge” in that box. I also love the priorities and to do boxes. It is also nice to have the habit tracker there as well. Lastly, I think the dot grid section is genius! I can use it for whatever I need that week. 

I’m usually not a horizontal planner but this one is working for me! I think because it is all on one page but there’s also enough room to plan out your weekly overview. It probably helps to have the weekly dashboard, a great spot to list out tasks and other to dos to not clutter the weekly spread.

The stickers are nice but I wish there were more of some of them. For example, there were only five work stickers. I would love more of these for each week (so like 5×54). The stickers are cute and contain a variety. I would love to see an option to buy more (maybe there is and I just didn’t see it?). 

Have you used a Clever Fox planner before? Did you like it? Would you try the Clever Fox Pro? Do you think I will use it for all of 2023?!? Let me know in the comments.

And be sure to head over to YouTube to see the video going through the Cleve Fox Pro!

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