Launch day is coming! Launch day is coming!

Do not panic. Remain calm and grab your wallet because you are gonna want to shop until you drop. There are so many options this year, I’m sure you’ll find something you love!

Erin Condren sent me the new daily duo with a side of mid century circle accessories. So far, I love everything! You can watch my review on YouTube.

First off, the daily duo looks great! It’s in the mid century circles in the EC Signature monthly colors. The duo is two books (duh) either July – June or Jan – Dec. There are a few changes from last year. This is my first duo so I am going off what I remember from other’s posts.

The biggest change is Saturday and Sunday have their own page! I LOVE this because most of my to-dos are on the weekend. They are the busiest days for me. Because of this you get a lined page after each Sunday. It also seems they removed the small year at a glance page. I assume this was to save page counts. The duo is thick (although it doesn’t look much thicker than the life planner) and heavy (definitely heavier than the life planner).

I mentioned the blank page after Sunday in the Daily Duo. I have been told that the DD will not have a blank page. I apologize for any excitement you may have had about a blank page. I thought the blank page was a great addition & will cross my fingers they realize how much we all want it!

I have also learned the mini calendars will be in the 7×9 Daily Duo. It will look like the A5 Daily Duo if you have seen those videos from influencers.

The daily duo is available in 7×9 coil or A5 and only Mid Century Circles. You can also get the daily pages in the 7×9 binder or the A5 Agenda. 

What else is available?

The 7×9 coil comes in Mid Century Circles, Flora, and the two Just My Type options and you can get the vertical, horizontal, and hourly. The A5 is available in Mid Century Circles, Flora, or Just My Type neutral in the horizontal layout. The new larger 8.5×11 comes in Mid Century Circles and the horizontal layout.

The A5 Agenda also comes in Mid Century Circles, Flora, or Just My Type neutral in the horizontal layout. And the 7×9 binder also comes in Mid Century circles and the vertical, horizontal, or hourly layout.

Pricing, because I know you all want to know!

The 7×9 coiled life planner is $59 and $64 for the metallic cover.

The 8.5×11 coil is $64 and $69 for the metallic cover.

The A5 is $55.

The Daily Duo 7×9 is $76 while the A5 duo is $68.

The A5 Agenda is $79.

The daily binder is $65 and the life planner version is $55.

So, I love all of the accessories but of course I think some of them are more useful to me than others. I’m a pen fan so of course I was excited to see the MCC ballpoint pen ($18.50). It’s got a bit of weight to it and the black ink writes smoothly. But my favorite is the fine tip markers! I first tried these in the Spring Seasonal Surprise Box and fell in love. I love them more than the dual tip so imagine how excited I was to get this 24 pack ($29.50)! It comes in a nice plastic case. It does have some of the same colors that are already available but there are five colors that are unavailable in the other packs. 

For decorating your planner there is new washi tape ($5.50), the life planner sticker pack ($8.50), and the MCC sticker book ($15.50). And my personal favorite, the MCC sticky notes ($10.50). Those come in super handy for future planning! And remembering things I would otherwise forget. 

Lastly, there is the planny pack ($20), snap-in dashboard ($5.50), and snap-in checklist ($7.50). I love the planny pack for traveling. You can toss in a couple of pens, some sticky notes, whatever little items you may need. I usually strap it to my notebook or a petite planner/notebook for travel. I love the snap-in accessories but I don’t find myself using them much. I think with the daily duo the snap-in dashboard will be helpful. It has to do on one side and Monday through SUnday on the other. I could put a weekly overview since the duo doesn’t have a week view. I love the checklist idea and there’s so many possibilities for using it. You can track hobbies, routines, and cleaning. And I bet people will get creative with it. The other side is blank so great for pre-planning, jotting down a quick note, or doodling while you plan.

What planner are you getting from this launch? Or if you aren’t sure, which one are you leaning towards? How would you use the snap-in dashboard?

Ready to shop? Use my link to grab all your items on May 3rd (for EC Insiders) and May 4th for everyone else! 

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