Are you ready to kick your fitness up a level this year?

If you are looking for a way to track your fitness goals, workouts, and achievements, check out the new Erin Condren A5 Fitness Planner (25.50). It has a how-to-use guide, goal-setting questions, four undated months with 32 daily tracking pages, monthly check-ins, and a handful of notes pages in the back.

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Erin Condren A5 Fitness Planner

I lift at home but the Erin Condren A5 Fitness Planner is a great size to take to the gym with you. 

When it came out I ordered one because I thought it would be great for tracking strength training. I have a fitness planner/journal but no way to track weight training sets, reps, and weights. In the past, I’ve used other trackers and most recently tried to keep it in my bullet journal.

I was not a fan of the bullet journal because it was a pain to draw it out for each workout. 

Before you dig into the workout pages, you get a guide on how to use the book and a few pages to journal about where you are and what your goals are. I really liked these pages as it made me really slow down and think about my goals. There is a two-page spread for checking in and a page for goal setting. 

I do not need the monthly calendar. As I said, I have a separate journal where I put in my workouts and journal about them. If you are using this as your only fitness journal, you will need to fill in the month and dates. There is also space for goals and rewards. So far I have not written anything in those spaces either.

Monthly Spread

The daily tracker pages are where this planner really shines. 

You get 32 pages per month, which I love because that means this book will last me longer than the four months it is set up for. I tend to do my strength training 3-4 days per week. Since I have that separate fitness planner, I only wanted this for weight training. I can get 8-10 weeks out of each month.

The actual pages are set up nicely. I do wish there was more space in the first movement section, the one for weight training, as the programs I do require slightly more space. I can make it work though. 

The second movement section is for intensity, time, and distance.

It works well for days I do doubles. I can track my weight training and running. After the movement sections is room to write how you felt, self-care, water, steps, hours slept, and today’s win. I like how it felt, self-care, and today’s win. It gives me a chance to think about my day and write a sentence or two that I can review later.

I don’t usually write in water, steps, or sleep.

I never track water. I basically drink the same amount daily. I live in a desert, I know to drink water, and I drink plenty. My steps and sleep are tracked by my Garmin and I don’t feel the need to also put them in the Fitness Planner.

Daily Tracking Pages

At the end of each month, there is a monthly check-in. It covers how you are doing, progress, wins, and setting yourself up for the next month. Then at the end of four months, you get your monthly check-in plus room to celebrate your progress! Lastly, you get some note pages (which I don’t see myself using).

Overall, I am excited to use the EC A5 Fitness Planner. I started filling in the checking-in, goal setting, and have used it a few times for tracking workouts. I like how it has made me think about my goals. I would love to see a version with the checking-in, goal setting, and then the daily pages. I don’t think the monthly calendar adds anything to this planner.

Give me a book of ONLY the daily pages! They are amazing!

Although, I would like to see a few more lines on the weight/strength training movement section. I do a lot of giant sets or similar and need a little more space to set those up.

I would recommend this if you are looking for a way to track your strength/weight training. And if you aren’t doing that daily it will las you longer than the four months it is set up for. There are 128 daily pages so if you only lift 3-4 days a week it should last you six to seven months. Maybe more if you take breaks/vacations.

Do you use a planner to track your weight training? If so, which one? If not, would you give the Erin Condren A5 Fitness Planner a try? Why or why not? Leave your responses in the comments.

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