How do you keep track of your cleaning routine and home projects?

Recently Erin Condren released a Companion Planner and at first, I was like, no, I don’t need this. But after thinking about it for a few hours I realized it would be perfect for my Clean Mama routines and trying to get all the stuff done around the house.

This would also work really well for budgeting, project planning, and continuing education.

The monthly calendar spread will mark which days I plan to do specific tasks. With Clean Mama, I will pick a day to tackle the rotating and monthly tasks. I will also assign days for decluttering different areas. After the monthly spread is a habit tracker. I will use this for the five daily cleaning tasks. I used a Tombow to highlight every other week to offer a little differentiation. 

Following the habit tracker is a productivity page. I have six rooms/areas I want to focus on decluttering and deep cleaning this year as well as fixing up. Our house is going on 14 and starting to show its age. I will declutter, deep clean, and note what needs to be fixed or updated on the productivity page. I will note anything we need to buy or if it’s beyond our abilities to hire someone to do (like plumbing or electrical). 

My plan is to tackle the living room in January for the deep cleaning, decluttering, and making notes. Then for February, I will move to the kitchen/dining area for the decluttering, deep cleaning, etc while I pick up anything needed for the living room. In March, we will fix up the living room. 

This is all subject to change. 

After that, there are two pages of checklists with four checklist sections on each page. I will use these for the weekly, rotating, and monthly Clean Mama tasks. For the weekly tasks, I used two vertically and again used the Tombow to differentiate between weeks. I have a couple of checklists left over. I’m not sure how or if I will use them.

Finally, there are four pages of lined note pages. I haven’t decided how to use these yet. It will depend on if I need more room for the items on the productivity page. Or if something else comes up while using it. The lined pages could be very versatile and change each month if needed. 

I was originally going to put all of this in my bullet journal, but I think this will work out much better and I don’t have to create spreads from scratch each month. 

How would you use the companion planner? What could I use the extra checklists and lined pages for?

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