The excitement of launch season is here! What did the Erin Condren Launch hold?

I wanted to order my new planner since I am currently on a July start. I also switched from the Daily Duo to the Compact Vertical. I love the Daily Duo but I only have a few appointments and mostly use it as a to-do list. The compact vertical made more sense for my needs.

I thought I would for sure get the Canvas. I love a plain, neutral usually. But I fell in love with the Wildflower! I totally surprised myself because I am not a pastel or floral person but Wildflower was so beautiful I had to have it. 

I know not everyone needs a planner now or they don’t use Erin Condren planners but there are many other items that launched you may not want to miss!

What are the top five popular accessories you should grab from the Erin Condren Launch?

  1. Sticky Notes (Snap-in or Agenda) $10.50
    • Available in Inspire and Wildflower
  2. Sticker Books $16.50
    • Available in Inspire and Wildflower
  3. Washi $8.50
    • Available in Inspire, Wildflower, and Focus
  4. Snap-in Pocket Dashboard (currently out of stock) $10.50
  5. Writing Tools Variety Pack $22.50
    • Available in Inspire and Wildflower

And don’t forget… you save 15% when you purchase four or more accessories! Shop now (affiliate link – I will receive a commission and it won’t affect your shopping experience!)

What items did you or would you grab from the launch? 

Watch my video review over on youtube!

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