This fall Erin Condren wants you to reclaim your space with new productivity tools and home/desk organizers.

As an affiliate, I received this box from Erin Condren with some of the new goodies. I spent some time with the products to make sure I could give you my thoughts. If you want to grab any of the items featured, you can get them here. This is my affiliate link and I appreciate it when you use it! I get a small commission and can keep the blog and youtube content fresh for you!

First up, we have a laptop stand in blush with the mid-century circle pattern. It is also available in black pinstripes, which would be my preferred option! Pink isn’t really my thing. 

The stand is adjustable and you can vary the height of your laptop, depending on where you want to set it up. What is really nice is it folds flat for easy storage when not in use. When flat it is 10.5”W x 10”L x 2.5”H. The stand seems well made. I stood it up and folded it flat several times to test it out. It sets up easily and feels very sturdy. I believe it will hold up well over time. The wood is very smooth and has non-slide feet to make sure it doesn’t move when holding your laptop. That’s pretty important! 

I use a Microsoft Surface which is like a hybrid laptop/tablet. The surface is its own laptop stand. I can use the EC laptop stand with it, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense when I have the keyboard attached. The laptop stand would be a great way to use the tablet as a TV when I’m at my workstation or the kitchen.

Speaking of the kitchen, you could also use the laptop stand in there for recipe books! Or even your laptop or tablet if you use online recipes. How else can you use the stand? It will hold a weekly schedule plan, your planner, AND I even put my EC A5 Agenda on it! Check out my reel of it in action. 

Would I purchase this? Due to using a Surface instead of a laptop, I probably would have skipped buying this myself. 

Next up is the weekly desktop whiteboard with storage. This is the same blush color and wood as the laptop stand. It is lightweight so you can move it around your home if needed. It seems well constructed. I opened and closed it about a million times to test. 

The top is a whiteboard weekly schedule with room to hold two EC wet erase markers. The top opens to an open space for an A5 notebook, petite planner or notebook, sticky notes, washi, white out, pens, a ruler, and other small office supplies you may need! EC website states it fits an A5 softbound, not a coil, but I was able to fit a coiled notebook in there. A planner would be too thick. 

You could use this many ways. It would be a great mobile workstation. You can put your schedule, meetings, and to-do’s on the whiteboard and stash your notebook, pens, and sticky notes in it. Then you can work from your desk or take your mobile station to the living room or kitchen!

Speaking of the kitchen… you could put this in there as a meal planning and prep station! Your weekly menu can go on the whiteboard and you can store your meal prep plan and shopping list pads in the bottom, along with some pens and sticky notes for meal prep! Your family will always know where to look to see what’s for dinner and can add anything to the grocery list!

This could also be a bullet journal station, art station,  or budget station. You could use the weekly schedule for bill due dates and store your budget notebook, pens, and highlighters in the storage area.

There feels like endless possibilities. How would you use it?

I would definitely buy the weekly desktop whiteboard but I would get the black version. 

I was also sent the new organizer caddy in mid-century circles. It’s also available in the in bloom pattern. I was excited to see this in the box because it is exactly what I need! I keep a lot of my planner and journaling supplies in my office because I often use them and work on them there. But sometimes I like to work on things during the evening while we watch tv. I schlep out a bunch of stuff, seeing how much I can carry in my arms. I have things in pouches, things in acrylic holders, and move them back in forth, This caddy will be super helpful! Plus in the living room, I can keep the supplies in the caddy instead of spreading out over the couch, side table, and coffee table. 

And let me tell you, there is a WHOLE LOT of storage in this thing.

The caddy is 15”L x 10.5”W x 7.5”H. It is made of sturdy canvas and the handles seem well sewn (I am not an expert on sewing but I tugged and pulled and they seemed good). I also loaded it up with some notebooks, an acrylic caddy full of pens and a couple notebooks, and a pouch with stencils and it seemed to hold up well! 

The caddy comes with two velcro inserts to make the large, main space into three sections. The larger section is 7” x 10.5”, the middle size is 6” x 8”, and the small section is 4.5” x 8”. 

And it has pockets! So many pockets!

Each long side has two pockets, 7” long and about 4.5” deep. They aren’t wide so you can slip in thinner items. An EC softbound notebook will fit but you won’t want anything thicker than that (about .5”). You could fit a notepad, sticky note snap-ins, some sticker sheets (or slim sticker books), and stencils. 

One of the short ends has a similar type pocket but hidden inside is… PEN LOOPS! The pocket is approximately 9” long and 4.5” deep. AND seven pen loops on the inside of the outside pocket material. The other end includes a zipper pocket that is about 8” wide and 5.5” deep. It would be great for smaller items you don’t want to lose. I’d put a couple binder clips, an eraser, and probably some pens/highlighters that won’t fit in the pen loops.

This would be a great caddy for kids to carry art supplies, legos, or other toys. It would also work really well as a diaper caddy. Or a car caddy for your kid’s game days! You could have a little first aid kit, snacks, a change of clothes, and maybe some toys or books for the youngest that gets dragged along (can you tell I was the youngest LOL). It could be a car caddy for storing grocery bags or other items you want to keep organized. 

I could also see this as a great gift item for a wedding or baby shower! You could pack it with a bunch of smaller items from their gift list (for the wedding) or diapers and other baby supplies! 

How would you use the organizer caddy?

I also received the colorblends vision board desk pad. And it is so pretty! If you don’t know, I am obsessed with colorblends. I was excited to see this in the box but I’m not 100% sure how I will use it. It comes with 25 sheets and measures 11” x 17”. Each sheet has a large colorblend area (approximately 11” x 12”) on the left for brainstorming or planning and plotting your vision. On the right are three boxes (3” x 4”) labeled “What this vision means”, “How to bring this vision to life”, and “Next Steps”.

This will definitely be on my work table for when creativity strikes!

I had the desk pad on my wishlist so yes, I would buy this even though I don’t have a plan for it! How would you use it?

Lastly, they surprised me by adding two notebooks and a cover with the new fall designs! I received an A5 productivity notebook with the Spooktacular Spiders cover. I had noticed this design and was eyeballing it, although I was planning on getting stickers as I have a million covers. I LOVE the pink/purple ombre. It reminds me of colorblends. And the lil spiders are so cute.

I also received the metallic autumn breeze. I hadn’t looked at many of the fall covers and stickers because I was trying NOT to buy anything so I hadn’t seen this one before. It is beautiful! It’s a pretty purple/pink watercolor with foil leaves. It is so beautiful in person! The website does not do it justice. If I was going to buy one of the fall designs, this would be it!

And I got the flannel cover in white (background), olive (pattern), and turquoise (accent). At least I am pretty sure those are the colors! This is one I probably wouldn’t have picked for myself. I am not in love with it, even in other color combos. 

Now I am off to fill my caddy and get my desk all organized! Let me know what items you will grab to reclaim your space!

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