We are all a work in progress.

No truer words have been spoken and the Erin Condren (EC) Spring Seasonal Surprise Box (SSB) is full of products ready to help you in your spring cleaning, organization, and renewal. Stuffed with functional products that will bring you joy while doing some of those not-so-fun tasks. 

I was excited to dig into this box because it speaks to everything I am working on this year! My word of the year is renew. And I am doing a big house decluttering, organizing, and spring cleaning. It’s almost like they made this box just for me. 

As an EC Affiliate, I was selected to receive this box for free but it does not influence my opinion. I look at each item on its own and the box as a whole and will give you my honest opinion.

If you grab the SSB ($40, valued at $80) you will also receive 10% off anything else you order at the same time! Remember the SSB ships free by itself. If you add items to your box you will need to reach the free shipping level ($80+) for those items to ship free. 

The included information card states all items are exclusive. We will not see these exact colors or designs in the store but they may pop up in a different color, design, or slightly different item. And for a few of these, I really hope they are available in different colors or designs!

What’s included in the box?

Interchangeable Cover

$8.50 | Box total: $8.50


  • Choice of size
    • A5 or 7×9
  • Choice of design
    • Rainbow stripes (light pink with intersecting rainbow colored stripes)
    • Spring Tulips (light blue with pink, orange, and yellow flowers)
  • Wet erase markers can be used on the inside of the covers
    • 7×9 covers have the new inside layout, which is more productivity based
  • Designs are carried throughout the items in the box and work well together

Con: The A5 has the old inside layout, lines in the front, and blank in the back. I’d love to see the new 7×9 in the A5 as well.

Neither of the designs jump out to me as one I would pick. I would probably go with the floral design as it looks very much like spring and feels fresh. I also prefer the blue background to pink. To me, these choices are hard in I don’t really care for either whereas the winter and fall boxes were hard because I loved both covers.

Since I am not in love with either cover, I may give these away. 

Spring Cleaning Productivity Sticker Sheet

$4.50 | Box total: $13


  • Variety of stickers
  • Has both the spring tulip and rainbow stripe designs
  • Large checklist sticker (14 checkboxes)
  • To Do list with six checkboxes in rainbow stripes
  • Seven lines with signature EC asterisk with rainbow stripes design
  • Four habit tracker stickers
    • Two each spring tulip and rainbow stripe designs
    • Each tracker has room for three habits for seven days of the week
  • Icon stickers in the colors of the rainbow
    • Laundry, ironing, trash, vacuum, dishes, and spray bottle
    • Asterisk icon
  • Header stickers in the colors of the rainbows
    • Take a moment, progress, intention, and productive


  • Only one sheet (we used to get two until the previous winter box)
  • The habit tracker stickers do not have enough room to write the habit on it, would need to be next to the stickers (or use the icons but the may be too big)

With only one sheet, you may get a weekly spread out of the stickers. The stickers would also work well in a bullet journal spread for a spring cleaning project to make sure you get as much spring cleaning done as possible!

Functional Calendar Washi Tape Set (3 rolls)

$7.50 | Box total: $20.50


  • Two functional rolls
    • 8mm each
    • One blue with headers: delegate, low priority , medium priority, and high priority in white lettering 
    • One checklist with tasks: sweep, mop, organize, vacuum, wash, clean, and declutter 
    • Letting in different colors of the rainbow. 
  • Decorative in Rainbow Stripe
    • 15mm

Con: The checklist would be hard to use if you wanted a specific task. For example, if you wanted vacuum, it’s the fourth one in. What do you do with the first three if you don’t need them that week?

I would probably grab the rainbow stripe decorative washi but not sure about the other two rolls. They look nice, but I’m not sure if and how I would use them. Pre-printed washi checklists never made much sense to me. I will most likely give these rolls away.

Next, we have one of the sneak peeks, which I was excited about because I can never get enough!

Sticky Note Booklet

$10.50 | Box total: $31


  • Portable (3” x 4”)
  • Versatile
  • Seven bullet points
  • Blank box titled Take a Moment
  • Light pink accents
  • Box quote and Rainbow stripe on the cover


  • Spring cleaning lists
  • Errands list
  • Daily or weekly cleaning checklist
  • Meal planning
  • Weekly workouts

There feel like endless ways to use it! I love items that could be used in many ways without any sort of whiteout or sticker coverup.

Con: No place to tuck the cover in to keep it closed

Weekly Priorities Deskpad

$12 | Box total: $43


  • 25 sheets
  • 4” x 11”
  • Four boxes
    • One each high, medium, and low Priority
    • One blank
  • Checklist with 13 spots
  • Light pink with rainbow stripes


  • Prioritize your weekly to-do list
  • Write notes and reminders while working

Acrylic Pencil Cup

$10 | Box total: $53


  • 3”H x 2”L x 1”W
  • Clear with blue/green bottom
  • Looks like it will hold plenty of pens and highlighters

Con: Acrylic can scratch easily

I have been slowly replacing my desk accessories with clear acrylic because I think it looks nice. This pencil cup will find a place on my desk.

But what will you put in the pencil cup? 

Wet and Dry Erase Marker Duo

$8 | Box total: $61


  • Mid-Century Cricle design on both
  • Wet erase is a fine tip with blue ink
  • Dry erase is black ink and retractable

Note: Wet erase requires shaking before using it for the first time. I also find if you don’t use it regularly, you need to shake it a bit to get the ink flowing again.

Why would we get a wet and dry-erase marker duo in the box? So far, nothing has been something requiring a wet or dry-erase marker which brings us to the final item…

Acrylic Board with Stand 

$20 | Box total: $81


  • 6” x 7 clear acrylic
  • Blue/Green stand – feels firmly attached
  • Spring Tulip design in pink


  • Daily or weekly to-do list
  • Tasks that may not fit in your weekly or daily planner
  • Jot down ideas as you work
  • Inspirational or motivational quote
  • Reminders

I like the idea of the stand. And I’d probably get one with a different pattern. I would LOVE a Star Wars version of this stand. This isn’t one I will use and most likely will give it away and hope they release different versions.

Con: Can scratch easily

Overall, I think this box is great and I can use most of the items. There are a few that I’m not 100% into only because of the pattern or I don’t see how I would use them but I get how they may be helpful for others. I think $40 is a great price for the box, even if you don’t use everything in it. It seems like the theme was well-thought out and items were chosen to fit the theme and help you organize. This has not always been the case with a few of the boxes in 2021/early 2022. It also leans heavily on the functional planning side, which seems to have been a complaint for some of those boxes. 

It feels like an Erin Condren box.

But we aren’t done yet! The last two SSB boxes have offered a deluxe add-on and the spring box is no exception!

A5 Daily Priority Planner (undated)



  • Check In – how you feel versus how you want to feel
  • Blank two page spread to write out everything you need to do for the week
  • Seven daily pages with six sections
    • Most important
    • Time-Sensitive plans and to-dos
    • Make some progress
    • Delegate
    • Tomorrow
  • A weekly review/reflection
    • How it went
    • What I’m proud of
    • What I learned
    • What I let go of
  • After all weeks, a two-page spread with things I’ve learned with six questions to journal about (What works for me…)
  • Celebrating you section with six additional statements to finish (I’m grateful for..)


  • Undated means you can use it anytime.
  • A5 size is portable
  • Daily sections are a decent size and the headings make sense
  • Places to reflect and brainstorm
  • Daily pages are plain (no design)
  • Daily pages are colorful and vary each week


  • The cover isn’t my fav, a mix of spring tulips and rainbow stripes (easy to change out but would rather pick my covers)
  • Not a full year- Only 14 weeks worth
  • Undated – I have to fill in each date, can get tedious

I love that EC is coming out with more planning books. We all have seasons of our lives where we may need more than a life planner or petite. The undated options with different focuses are great and offer different setups that can be very flexible. The Daily Priority would be great for content planning or if your work requires a lot of to-dos or ongoing projects. The only drawback is the length. If you wanted to use this as your daily planner, you’d need to buy four books. 

What did you think about the box? What was your favorite item? Least favorite? Will you grab the add-on Priority Planner? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Want to grab the box (if still available) or something else from Erin Condren? Shop now https://shrsl.com/38mu5 Affiliate link – I will receive a commission.

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