I know this is a day late but I ended up having a date night last night. We celebrated our belated anniversary. I figure that is a good enough reason. Anyway, this is a new feature. I am going to keep all my health and fitness post for Fridays. Stay tuned every Friday for a new fitness or health related post!

Tomorrow I have the PF Chang’s Rock n Roll half marathon. I haven’t gotten in much training and was questioning if I should even do it. I thought if I did it and did terribly I wouldn’t be happy. But if I didn’t do it, I would be unhappy as well.

crossing the line
This was last years PF Chang’s. I only did the mini.

I spoke to my health coach about it and she said I probably have enough of a base to be able to complete it, even if I did have to walk every now and then. I think she is right but there will probably be more walking than I’d like. But hopefully I can compete it without having to hop on the trailer vehicle.

I went to the Expo yesterday and got all my stuff and made my decision to do it. I think I would regret not doing it more than I would doing it (and just not doing as well as I’d like).

I have created a new running plan. Part of my downfall for this was I didn’t have a good plan. I was just kind of haphazardly going when I had the time. Then I got sick and have been off the last two weeks.

I am also working on refining my goals for the year. I am taking a Maximize Your Motivation class through work and part of that is goal setting. I have never used the SMARTER approach in my personal life but am going to work on it for my 2014 goals, so look for that post in the future.


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