For some reason, I was hesitant to try Flax 4 Life. In my head I thought flax = healthy and it will be awful. Except I’ve had flax before, and I like it. Apparently I was having some sort of out-of-body experience. Because I was wrong.

Everything I’ve had from Flax 4 Life has been delicious.

I’ve eaten almost everything they’ve sent already! I have tried all the muffins (except for the carrot raisin because I don’t eat carrot or raisin in baked goods). I have also tried half of the brownie flavors. So far, I have liked everything. I would definitely buy the brownies. They are just the right amount for an evening treat. I probably would not buy the muffins, but only because I don’t buy pre-made muffins. I don’t really buy muffins, period.

Flax 4 Life is certified gluten-free, dairy-free, but-free, and kosher. Since they use flax as the key ingredient there is plenty of fiber and omega-3’s. Plus, a little bit of protein! They do use pure oats in their products, so if you are also sensitive to oats, these may not be the products for you.

As with a lot of gluten-free companies, it all started because family members were diagnosed with celiac disease.

I browsed their website a bit. I do like they have compostable packaging. It’s definitely something I think about when ordering online. I like as little packaging as possible and love when it’s all recyclable.

They also have some other flavors that sound good. One of the muffin flavors caught my eye… Hawaiian! It has pineapple and coconut plus ginger. That actually sounds really good. They also have granola and the Hawaiian granola also has mango.

Oh my. I might have to get me some of that!

They offer two cakes, carrot and chocolate, and toaster buns. I had to look at toaster buns because I wasn’t quite sure what they were based on the name. I assumed they were like hamburger buns, but one is cinnamon raisin. The other two flavors are everything and original. Once I looked at all of them, I think these are a cross between a bagel and bread.

Overall, I liked the products from Flax 4 Life. I would recommend them and I will definitely buy the brownies again. If I came across the muffins and needed something gf, I would buy those too. Muffins just aren’t my thing in general. If you are in Arizona, they carry Flax 4 Life at Sprouts and Natural Grocers.

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