As we head into the new year, what is your plan to slay your goals in 2024? How will you plan, track, and slay that to do list to make it a done list?

With a planner stack!

If you like to know what planners others are using, I gotchu. This is my current 2024 journal and planner stack.*

*Stack is subject to change at my whim. Switching it up is okay if it’s not working for you!

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Erin Condren (affiliate link)
Erin Condren 7×9 Vertical Life Planner – The Catch-all
Erin Condren Desk Calendar – The Editorial Calendar
Erin Condren Companion Planner – The Braindump and Lists

The Happy Planner (affiliate link)
The Happy Planner Wellness Layout – The Fitness Journal
The Happy Planner Mini Dashboard Layout – The HB90 Goals
The Happy Planner Big Vertical Layout – The Content Planner

Archer and Olive – Code Runsonespresso to save 10% (affiliate link and code)
Archer and Olive A5 Bullet Journal – The Monthly Stuff
Archer and Olive Wellness Planner – The Memory Keeper🖤
Archer and Olive B6 – The Media Journal
Archer and Olive 8×8 – The Reading Journal
Archer and Olive 8×8 Lined – The Journal Journal

Other (Amazon Associate link)
Hobonich Day Free – The Memory Keeping Kit Planner

It seems like a lot, but many of these won’t be daily. Some will get set up at the start of the month. Others will be checked in once a week or so. 

What is in your planner stack for 2024? Leave yours in the comments!

Watch the video version:


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