What kind of gluten-free/celiac blogger never logs about food?

It me.

I’ve been a little behind on the food front. I have a ton of things I need and want to make! I have a ton of mixes I was sent and I need to make and review. I just haven’t been feeling like baking much after my last disaster. 

But I finally made a plan to start working through my mixes with one a month. Hopefully, it will spark my love for baking again and I’ll get in more than once a month.

I started back this week with a personal favorite, BROWNIES!

Brownies are one of my favorite desserts and I noticed the Josie’s Mufin & More mix had a recipe on the back for brownies. I decided to give it a try. First, I had to grab some chocolate chips at the store and because I’m extra I grabbed dark chocolate over semi-sweet. Whenever I can upgrade to dark chocolate I do. 

I first read through the recipe and ingredient list and prepped as much as I could. I believe having as much done before you start, the better. And I always read through the recipe a few times before I start. Ok, at least once before starting.

I wish the recipe on the back had been easier to read. The directions were before the ingredient list, which is odd. I usually see ingredients then directions. The directions were also one big paragraph. I would have preferred for the steps to be numbered and an enter/return between each step. It was hard for me to read as one block of writing.

I felt the batter was a bit thick. I felt like I missed something but I double-checked and I followed the instructions. The recipe also called for a 9×9 pan but I only had 13×9. My square pan needed to be replaced so I got rid of it but haven’t bought its replacement yet. Oops. 

Now, for the taste test!

A bit dense which is not surprising for gluten free. The top was a little crunchy. I probably should have left it in a few more minutes. I did 30 minutes of the suggested 30-35. They’re not too sweet. Chewy. Overall these are decent homemade brownies! I would make them again.

They would be delicious with ice cream! Maybe coconut ice cream. Yum!

How do you top your brownies? 

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