One thing that is hard to find gluten free is soft pretzels.

Sure, they have frozen options. I’ve tried several and they were all meh. Nothing that made me go, ohhhh I will buy this again! And I’ve never seen a gf option at a restaurant. I had kinda given up in ever having a soft pretzel again.

Until Mom’s Place Gluten Free sent me a package for March’s Nourished Festival.

I saved them for October in a (late) celebration of Oktoberfest. Too bad I don’t have any gf beer on hand! Growing up Oktoberfest was a big part of my life. My hometown put on a two week (now one) celebration with a famous Maple Leaf Parade, torchlight parade, taping of the golden keg, and the medallion hunt! Plus beer. Lots of beer.

There are a lot of memories surrounding Oktoberfest so it was fun to pretend I was participating by making pretzels.

I was a little intimidated to make pretzels because the idea seemed complicated and the process long. Boy was I wrong! The instructions were easy to follow and it really was a simple process.

I did make pretzel nuggets because I didn’t want to attempt the twist!

My package was missing the sea salt but they still turned out great. I used a little table salt and it was fine. You get just a hint of salt, which is what I prefer. I would definitely recommend the gluten free pretzel mix and plan to order another package (or two) for myself. I think my next batch I will toss in cinnamon and sugar. Or maybe get some cheese sauce.

OMG! I can eat soft pretzels again!

Here are the list of ingredients in case you were wondering:

I decided I am not good at cooking videos so instead of torturing you with that, I made a short TikTok.

What foods do you miss since going gluten free that are hard to find?

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