I love avocados and therefore I love guacamole. Usually I make guac from scratch. I buy avocados and use my muscles to smash them. Well, the last time I made guac the avocados were not in my favor. I was shopping the day before I made the guac and many avocados were far from ripe while the rest were past ripe. I really wanted guac so I grabbed a pack of wholly guacamole. It turned out ok, but it was not as good as home-made. LOL

I mixed in chopped jalapenos and queso fresco along with some garlic and onion powder to spice it up. Then I topped it with a little more queso fresco. This was not a complicated Tasty Tuesday… I mostly just wanted to share these pictures with you!

What is your favorite way to make guacamole? Chunky or smooth? Add-Ins?

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