I had a weird experience at the gym last night. I was doing my normal routine (warm up 5 minutes, run 3 walk 2) and had reached the 18 minute mark. I suddenly started to feel lightheaded/dizzy and it felt like all the heat was trapped in my body. I slowed to a slow walk but had to stop after 2 minutes. I just wasn’t feeling better. I went and sat down for about 10 minutes and felt better. Obviously I went home after that but it was such a strange thing. I have never felt like that before.

I think it is a combination of starting my extremely healthy and the heat/humidity. It’s been over 100 degrees here and super humid. Normally the heat hasn’t bothered me but it just seems like my body is trapping the heat and not letting it out. I noticed when I was walking to the gym tonight my head was getting really warm and slightly lightheaded. Once inside the air conditioned gym, I started to feel normal again. I also have had the same feeling walking from the bus stop to my car.

Tonight I took it easy and did an easy 2.31 miles in 40 minutes. I got warm but I didn’t seem to let out a lot of the heat. I don’t know. It’s very odd.

So, as you can tell from the blog… I have been working out. I got off track for about a week and a half due to vacation. But I am back and on track. I also went to the store and bought a whole bunch of healthy foods again. I love fruits and veggies but I didn’t have any in the house for a few weeks. My schedule doesn’t always work with the BF’s to get us both to the store. LOL

I have been eating my fruits and veggies, based off a recommended menu from the gym. I feel fuller and sometimes don’t eat at all the same times I used to. Snacks aren’t every two hours now. Now I just wait patiently for the weight to start to come off. 🙂

I have also decided the gym I am currently using has the most disgusting members. I have never seen a locker room be so gross. One day there was a pair of underwear just laying on the floor. And it stayed there for like two days. Today? I went to use a bathroom stall and I saw a small puddle near the door. I avoided it and sat on the toilet. Then I realized the puddle was yellow. The only thing I can figure is they thought the stall was out of toilet paper (but if you slid the little door over, there was a whole other roll) and got up to go get toilet paper?? It was so gross. I have belonged to several gyms and have never seen anything as gross as here. So glad I wore flip-flops the one time I used the shower. And bring my own towels. Ewwww.


Jenna Volden has a degree in business and has spent the last 10 plus years working for others. She believes it is time to start her own photography and writing business. She enjoys running, coffee and helping others achieve their goals. Gluten-free foods are a lifestyle, not a choice, for her due to celiac disease. She is currently based in Phoenix, Arizona.


adventures of a mad scientist · August 2, 2012 at 7:24 pm

Eep! I have to figure out what I’m doing after P90. I need something fun yet challenging or I am gonna fall off the wagon.

    heelaholic · August 2, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Hmmm… I like running. Other than that I don’t really do too much. I do like cardio kickboxing. I’d kind of like to learn MMA too. It’s intriguing. (and could be useful in real life)

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