Will the Law of Attraction Planner be the elusive unicorn for those with ADHD?

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B5 size, 100 gsm paper

The short answer? No.

The longer answer? The planner part isn’t bad and would probably work well, but the system and prep pages are overwhelming just flipping through them. I could barely get through it to do the review! 

The longest answer?

The Law of Attraction is a 12-month “journey to creating a dream life” through its eight steps. Inside, you get several 10% off coupons, a 15% off code, a postcard with a “handwritten” message on it, including info for two free gifts, a bookmark with two ribbons on top, more free gifts on one side, and a manifestation routine on the other, six sticker sheets (a mix of functional and decorative, and a booklet with instructions on using the planner (and more free gifts and coupons). The planner also has two ribbon bookmarks, an elastic closure, pen loop, and a large pocket in the back.

Yes, there is a lot of free stuff, and don’t worry—there is more in the planner. It feels desperate. 

When you open the planner, the first section is a blank index, which feels odd since there are no blank pages. All the pages have already been pre-printed. A pre-made index would make more sense and be helpful to find things in this book. 

The first section is a flip-out with questions, emotions, affirmations, action steps, and energy-level ideas. Then, we dig into the pre-work, with plenty of questions to answer. Next, it moves into goal setting with space for 50 (!) goals. Who is setting 50 goals? I’m overwhelmed just thinking about that many.

We move into another flip-out that starts with “My Journey,” and this page is actually helpful. It has three columns: where I am now, where I am going, and how I get there. You would fill these in for seven different areas of your life. This might be something I would use in my journal. The rest of the flip-out is for planning how you will achieve your goals and for making space for what you love and are grateful for. 

There are a couple of pages for skills, habits, and people (which reads like Skills I Habits I People on the header). And lastly, mind mapping for breaking down goals and daily action plans. 

And finally! We get to the planner!

The planner has a monthly spread, five weeks, two pages for reflection, and two dot grid pages before starting the next month. At the end, you can reflect on your year. There are also several dot grid pages, some of which are perforated for easy tear-out.

The monthly and weekly spreads remind me of Passion Planner or other similar planners. The monthly page is split in half, with the top having a column on the left for your goal of the month, reward, intention, and skills/habits to learn, followed by your monthly calendar. The bottom half has three desired goals for the month and the top action steps to take to reach those goals. Then, there is a large dot grid rectangle to use however you need. 

The weekly spread has a column on the left side with the goal of the week and priorities, broken down into top priority, priority, and errands and tasks to delegate. A to-do list and a positive habit maker (a habit tracker) are at the bottom. Each day has space for the day’s goal, the top three priorities, and a line for every half hour from 5 am to 9:30 pm. Technically, they have 10 pm but used that place to put a daily water tracker. There is also a small dot grid rectangle for any notes or thoughts you may have during the week. 

The planner part of this could help plan your month and week, especially if you’re focusing on a couple of goals. 

The monthly and yearly reflection pages would be good. The yearly reflection has space for events, books, or movies that impacted me the most, and I wish that had been included on the monthly instead of the box with hours of exercise, total expenses, money saved, self-help, etc. I love the Top 10 achievements, What did I learn this month, and other spots on these pages. 

What do I think of the Law of Attraction Planner? The pre-planning stuff is overwhelming, and there is no need for 18367485 coupons. Would I recommend this to someone with ADHD? No. Too much is going on, and it would be easy to give up and never return. 

What do you think? Would you use the Law of Attraction Planner? Why or why not?

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