Do you ever wonder about the items Amazon keeps recommending for you?

Amazon kept showing me the Alohaster highlighters and I saw them “marked down” and decided to grab both packs to test so you don’t have to waste your money! Or maybe so you can find your next favorite item!

The Alohaster claim to be mild highlighters that will not bleed. They come in two color packs: Happiness and Youth, with six highlighters per pack. These are softer colors than most Zebra Mild Liners but only have the chisel tip. There is no bullet tip.

The colors are more pastel and soft than many of the Zebra Mild Liners. The colors are very nice. I would recommend these if that is the aesthetic you are looking for. They seem to highlight smoothly and there is no real bleed-through or ghosting with Erin Condren paper. I didn’t test them on thinner paper but they claim to not bleed or ghost. The lines do not have an inky start or end point as some highlighters have.

These sound great! Is there a drawback?

For me, the shape was awkward and hard to hold. They are an odd rectangle shape. I am sure after a few uses you would probably get used to it. It was hard to get a nice grip to test these out. I also know I do not like oddly shaped pens/markers. YMMV.

Overall, I think these would be a nice set of highlighters if you want something mild and pastel. They are definitely not IN YOUR FACE like some highlighters. They will take some getting used to just for the shape.

They are currently listed as $7.99 per pack which is a great price for these! Or bundled for $14.99. I am an Amazon Associate and I may earn a commission if you purchase through my links.

Have you tried the Alohaster highlighters? What do you think?? What other stationery finds on Amazon are you curious about? Let me know in the comments and I will check them out for a future review!

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