For the final quarter of 2022, I wanted to try out the MakseLife daily inserts. Having them in my agenda would be handy, and I desperately wanted the weekly overview page. I grabbed a quarter when MakseLife had a big sale to clear out some of the older stock.

I used the inserts for October, November, and December. 

Personally, I don’t think the price point is worth it. Unless you are using it for all your planning. Each quarter is $44 ($176 for an entire year). You can get the flagship for $76 or the set of four companion notebooks for $58. The previous year is currently on sale for $26, which is much more reasonable. 

Overall, the undated inserts are really nice. They are meant to be punched and there is plenty of room in the margin without touching any of the actual planning areas. The companion notebooks can also be punched but because they aren’t specifically made for this, it does punch some of the writing areas.

I wanted to try these inserts for the weekly overview. I loved the weekly action steps in the companion notebooks but didn’t like I had nowhere to plan them out over the week. The weekly overview page was set up nicely and I did like it but it was small. And I have large handwriting. Some weeks were harder to fit all my weekly actions on it. It definitely gave me ideas for how I want to use the flagship in 2023.

As I have an Erin Condren Daily Duo, I didn’t use the MakseLife daily inserts as intended. The daily pages are set up nicely with space for your daily focus, top three, to do list, a blank hourly area, and a dot grid space. I grab one when I have a couple of days I want to get a lot of content done. I can break out the different types of tasks in the to do list or hourly area and make notes in the dot grid section. 

The daily pages are great for many other uses!

The pages also work well for projects. I will put the project under the focus, put the top three things, and start making lists and time table for completion. 

Overall, the undated daily MakseLife is a great planner but for the price point, I just can’t recommend it. Even if I wanted to switch from my Daily Duo, I wouldn’t get this as it would be about $100 more per year than my daily duo. Lastly, I would never do an undated planner for my daily use. I’d be annoyed filling in all the dates!

Have you used the MakseLife quarterly undated daily inserts? What did you like about it? Do you think it’s worth $44 a quarter?

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