Will the Hero’s Journal work for someone with ADHD?

The Hero’s Journal ($50) is one that has often been recommended for people with ADHD because it gamifies goal setting and each day’s page looks a little different so you get the newness factor. It is not a typical planner. It is a quarterly goal planner meant to help you through one goal, or quest.

The Hero’s Journal is split into three acts and is meant to cover 91 days. It is undated so if you take a break you can easily jump right back in. You will travel through a story over your 91-day journey. They currently offer three different storylines. Legend of Istoria is for fans of fantasy like The Lord of the Rings or The Hobbit. Istoria Magic Academy is more suited for fans of wizards and witches such as Harry Potter. The third is Galaxy of Istoria for those that love outer space and movies like Star Wars or Star Trek.

I went with Galaxy of Istoria because I love Star Wars. And space in general.

Each A5 book comes in a keepsake cardboard box,  is bound in vegan leather, and has gold gilding on it. It comes with a ribbon to mark your spots. The pages are 110 gsm ivory paper. The pages are black and white (ivory technically) so you can color them in to add to your story! A matching themed bookmark with a 30-day habit tracker was also included. 

What is in the actual book?

The front and back cover contain a beautiful map of the Galaxy of Istoria. It is made to look like it is on older parchment with folded corners and tears. Next is your name page with a cool drawing to color in. This is followed by a letter from the creators. 

Then we get into the story and your call to adventure followed by questions about if you refuse the call. Next is finding your north star or your why you want to achieve this goal, and defining and accepting the quest.

Next is the “how to use” guides starting with the breakdown of the daily pages, chapters (every seven daily pages), and acts (four or five chapters). The acts represent the beginning, middle, and end of your story. 

We move into the first Act with an Istoria Galaxy Guide introducing the people and places. Then we have our seven daily two-page spread. The daily page includes space for gratitude, a schedule or list area, allies and threats, top three tasks, and a dot grid space to use as you see fit. As you move through the first seven days the illustration on each page changes. 

When you complete the chapter you submit your mission report (what you excelled at) and file your report (two reflection questions). Once you have completed four chapters you get to name Act 1 and move to Act 2 (repeat for Act 2). At the end of Act 3, you get to title your whole story and you receive a certificate of completion. 

There are three additional pages in the back with an Istoria Galaxy Guide featuring character drawings and info. Lastly, you get 13 lined note pages. The back cover also has a flat folder you could store scraps of paper or stickers in. 

Since this isn’t one I can really use partially and give away, I am going to attempt to use it for the duration of the book! I was going to use my word of the year goal but I think I am going to switch it up and use it for my health goals.

Because lord knows I need it.

Once I have completed a section, I will update on how it went and what my thoughts are at that point. And once I complete it, I will give my final verdict if it worked and if I would recommend or purchase it again for another goal.  

I’m looking forward to coloring the pages!

Have you used the Hero’s Journal? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not? If you haven’t used the Hero’s Journal, what do you think you would like or dislike about it?

Watch the entire Does it Work for ADHD series on YouTube to see what has and hasn’t worked so far! And be sure to let me know what planner you would like to see as part of the series!

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