Have you ever stumbled across an online shop like Notebook Therapy and wondered if you should order from them? You wonder, will my order ever show up, or are the items as nice as they seem in the photos? I get it. I’m always a bit skeptical when it comes to new to me online stores. But you don’t have to worry because I’m gonna order from these places first and let you know how it goes.

Up first, Notebook Therapy.

I’ve ordered from Notebook Therapy twice, so that should tell you something. 😉 I have been 99% satisfied with the products. Orders were packed and shipped quickly. The actual shipping time took a few weeks but that is to be expected with items coming from overseas and going through customs.

What have I purchased?

A little bit of everything! I’ve purchased a bullet journal, washi, and the Hinoki Cherry Blossom set (which was recently restocked!) Everything I received appears to be high-quality, well-made items. If you don’t get the cherry blossom set, at least consider the Hinoki travel journal. It is DIVINE!

My only issue has been with the Cherry Blossom weekly planner. The travel planning page that should have folded out was sliced. I could easily fix it with tape but shouldn’t have to. It was also printed slightly off and once I noticed it, I could not unsee it.

notebook therapy items

It would not dissuade me from buying from Notebook Therapy in the future or recommending them. I understand mistakes happen and not everything will be perfect. Neither of the things with the weekly planner was truly a deal breaker.

I haven’t really dug into using my items much yet but once I do, I will be sure to update on how they perform and hold up.

Want to see the video of all those items? Watch now

Let me know in the comments what shops you’d like to see featured on the blog and if there are any specific items you are curious about.

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