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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, Erin Condren joined forces with Star Wars to bring a new hope to all planners and young padawans. This collection has it all, light. Darkness. A balance. The Force, it’s calling to you. Just let it in and get some of these amazing back to school supplies!

I’m a Planner. School Supplies are part of my religion.

(Ok, that is enough Star Wars quotes… for now. I can’t make any promises that more won’t pop up.) 

Note: I received this collab box from Erin Condren as part of their affiliate program. I was gifted these items but all opinions are my own.

This collection has something for everyone whether you are heading back to school or just going into the office. Because who says our day jobs need to be boring?! Toss those bic pens aside and make room for the new Star Wars rectangle pens. The set of nine pens come in a plastic container you could use to store them on your desk. Each pen is a different color and has a Star Wars icon and saying on it. For example, the black barrel has Darth Vader and Fulfill Your Destiny on it. In true EC fashion, these are all black ball point pens. They are also extremely lightweight and a little awkward to hold at first. They are super cute though and will look great on your desk or when you pull them out of your planny pack or pencil case.

Pens & Planny pack
Pencil pouch and pen

You read that right! There is a Star Wars planny pack! The Alliance planny pack features the rebel symbol as the zipper pull, which looks amazing, too bad they did not add it to the pencil case too! The planny pack font is reminiscent of the 70’s, like a nod to when the original movies came out. This is the new ultimate planny pack and unzips on two sides, has an outside pocket on the front, and two interior pockets. Nothing bad to say about the planny pack! They are so versatile and with the elastic band can go on several different notebooks or planners. 

The pencil pouch has the same Alliance pattern as the planny pack but with the regular EC zipper pull. These are usually customizable to add your name in the lower right hand corner. It looks like there is a small spot for your name. Inside is the same as all the other pencil pouches, a flap with five pen loops on each side and a large, open lower compartment for everything else you need to carry. You can put smaller sticky notes, scissors, small iphones, and other items in there! 

You can’t go wrong carrying your work or school pens in either the planny pack or pencil pouch. The planny pouch can be used when you only want to carry your notebook or planner since it can be attached to the cover. The pencil pouch is perfect to tote your supplies in your backpack or work tote!

No, no, the red one. Show me the red stickers.

Oh yes, there are more stickers in this release! Who doesn’t need (want) more stickers?! And this time we even get washi! The sticker book is already out but it is still amazing. Any Star Wars planner should have this book. We get a four pack of washi that will be perfect to decorate all your Star Wars notebooks and planners. The four patterns are Grogu/Mandalorian on teal, holographic rebel symbol on burgundy, Millennium Falcon/X Wing Fighters/Tie Fighters on peach, and gold character outlines on black. I would have liked to see a deep blue instead of peach but overall these washis are gorgeous and will be a great edition to your washi lineup!

All the stickers! And washi!

There’s two more EC standard sticker sheets, one in the Rebel Alliance print and the other featuring Boba Fett. These sheets are perfect for a weekly planner but can also be used in a daily duo. It takes a little work but you can cover two to four days with one sheet. The alliance sheet came in black and a light tan. At the time of publishing, I don’t know if the colors can be personalized. The Boba Fett sheet has a cool ombre effect with green, orange and red. This sticker sheet is gorgeous.

And it goes well with Bobba Fett list pad! The listpad continues the ombre effect and has Boba in the corner. You will receive two packs of 25 each with the signature EC 80lb paper. The only drawback is making sure you have a pen that will show up well on this pad. A black gel pen or dual tip marker will probably show up well. A white gel pen may also work, especially on the darker red at the top. It comes in dot grid, lined, or blank. It should also be available in the notepad size.

The notepad is the alliance pattern in lined and was personalized with choose your destiny. You will be able to leave it blank or add your own. May I suggest I’d just as soon kiss a wookie? THe notepads also come in a two pack of 25 sheets of that gorgeous 80lb paper. You can choose from a medium (6×8.5”) or large (8.5×11”).

List pads are perfect for grocery shopping and errands and can easily fit in your purse. It’s also perfect when you’ve got a lot of extra work and need more room than your planner can handle. The notepads will look great on your desk and are perfect for project planning or writing out instructions for a co-worker.

List pad shown with pens
Notepad shown with pens, washi & previously released sticky note set

The new universal snap-in dashboard will fit both A5 and 7×9. You can use wet or dry erase and use it over and over! It is shorter and wider than previous version, which is actually quite nice. The dashboard is a deep green with silver accent, which is awesome! Too often planner items are gold and not everyone likes gold. The front has priorities and to do while the back is the days of the week. It would be nice if the days of the week were on the front instead. It would be more helpful in the daily duo especially if the week was on the front side. 

Snap in dashboard with planny pack, stickers, and pens

Snap in dashboards are a great way to stay organized at school or work. You can put your assignment or project priorities and tasks on the front and due dates on the back. Or you can keep your personal appointments on the weekly side for an easy glance when planning out work or school projects!

We are finally getting to the main events! Up first, these gorgeous vegan leather notebooks. Notebooks have five interior options: lined (as seen here), dot grid, productivity, sketch, and graph. The notebooks all have the 80lb paper. The Star Wars vegan leather notebooks have a beautiful design on the cover and inside the front/back. You can choose from Darth Vader, his signature red lightsaber ready for battle, or white with the gold outline of all of our original rebel heroes. 

Vegan leather Darth Vader notebook
Vegan leather Alliance notebook

Notebooks are perfect for taking notes in class or when watching videos to increase your knowledge base. They are perfect for getting your thoughts out as a journal. Or maybe you’ve got a busy week and need to write down everything you need to do. Notebooks are also great for writing outlines or rough drafts of papers or blogs and videos. You can never have too many notebooks!

New this year is the three-subject notebook! EC offered an A5 three-subject notebook in the last warehouse sale but this one is better! One, it’s Star Wars and two, it’s perfect for work projects or school! This one is 7×9, and check out this fun cover! It is an interchangeable cover so you can swap out covers as you feel like it! And if you aren’t a fan of the cover it comes with you can grab a Boba Fett interchangeable cover! He gets the cool ombre again with some speckling. It feels very 90s-ish. 

Three Subject Notebook
Boba Fett Interchangeable cover

The pages are Star Wars theme. We start with an R2D2 line page then a tabbed divider. On the other side of the divider is a dashboard! It’s quite similar to the lifeplanner dashboard. After the dashboard is a bunch of lined pages with R2 hanging in the corner. 

Next we have Yoda on a dot grid page, an orange divider, and another dashboard followed by several dot grid pages with Yoda. Lastly, we have a graph page with Wicket W Warrick, a seafoam green tab, dashboard, and a bunch of graph pages with Wicket. In the very back is a set of rebel alliance ombre stickers! These should also be the stickers in the back of all the Star Wars notebooks instead of the regular functional flags.

The next item is for all the young padawans out there. It is the first ever Star Wars Kid planner and it is super cute! It comes with ab adorable interchangeable cover. The first section is titled all about me and your child can fill in all the important stuff like name, favorite color, hobbies, and even spots to draw! There is also a reading log, goal tracker, allowance tracker (always important to know what droids you can afford), what I’m saving for, and books I want to read. 

Kid’s Planner

Next up is 12 months so young padawans can keep track of their busy lives and training schedules! They are undated but don’t worry! EC has included all the stickers needed to label everything! 

Each month starts with a drawing prompt and dashboard followed by a calendar, monthly wrap up and activity. Each sticker page has the month for the calendar and tabs, date dots, functional flags (and holidays), and cute decorative characters that go with each section. They also included a sheet of mini months to help figure out the date dots! The only drawback is the plastic coil. Will it hold up to the wear and tear of young padawans? 

Lastly is the Star Wars academic planner. This was actually released earlier this year. It is different because it actually carries the Star Wars design through the planner! It is the theme! This one came with the alliance interchangeable cover, personalized with choose your destiny. 

When you open it up, you see the name page with a dot design that is carried throughout the planner. The mini month pages are a gorgeous ombre blue with the dot pattern. We have two pages of class schedule and a notes page. Notice the Death Star? The design is seen on all the notes pages and has a hand-stamped look. 

Academic planner shown with snap in dashboard and sticker sheet

The monthly dividers all have their own theme and quote. The theme is carried through the weeks in the upper corners. We get the monthly calendar, a dashboard with goals and events followed by a projects and exams page. The weeks are horizontal and each day is divided into three sections, two lined and one to do section. Saturday and Sunday share a horizontal space and each day gets two sections, one lined and one to do. Each month has five total note pages. In the back is a set of Star Wars themed functional stickers pre-printed with academic tasks. 

Although this is geared as an academic planner, it could be used for work, project planning, or home projects. It would also work as a regular life planner if you don’t need a lot of room for the weekends. The stickers will not be of much use for non-academic use except the Vacation and Read ones.

Erin Condren has knocked it out of the park with the latest Star Wars collection. It’s geared as back to school but really could be used at school, home, or work. There are always things we won’t like with products but overall this collection is amazing and I’d have bought most of it if I wasn’t sent this box. The only thing I would not have paid for is the kid’s planner because I have no kids. Although, I still want an adult version! I honestly tried to figure out a way I could repurpose for myself and had nothing! 

I was planning to order the academic planner because I love the Star Wars interior. Now I need to figure out what to use it for!

What is your favorite item from the Star Wars back to school collection? What are you going to grab on July 6th?

Ready to shop? The new Star Wars line drops on 7/6 so be sure to head over to Erin Condren (affiliate link) that day! I’d love if you used my affiliate link. I will receive a commission when you buy through my link and it won’t affect your experience at all!

Want to see everything in action? Head over to YouTube and watch my matching back to school video!

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