Summer means travel. But how do you make sure you don’t forget important details or items? How do you remember your amazing adventures? 

Enter the EC petite travel journal! 

Sure, we all think we will remember the fun adventure we just had but do we really? The small details start to fade as the months go by. You ask yourself, did we eat at that restaurant when we visited Philadelphia? Did we see that art at the Guggenheim?

With an EC travel journal, you can write down all the important details from flight info to packing lists to your daily expenses. Each petite travel journal can be filled with four, seven-day trips. If you take a trip a quarter one journal will cover your entire year!

What all is included you ask?

Each journal comes with a sticker sheet. Because who doesn’t like decorating with some flair! Each of the four sections starts with reservations and to-dos. You can fill in all the important info about your trip, plan what you need to do before leaving, and everything you need to pack. After that are the places to visit and the trip itinerary page. The places to visit have spots for landscapes, entertainment, shops, and restaurants where you can write in all your pre-trip researched spots to hit up! The itinerary has days 1-7 where you can write in your known (or ideal) plans for each day. 

After that are seven pages for your daily adventures. There is a spot to record the weather, day of the week, today’s outfit, and any reservations. You can also write out what you will be seeing and track your meals. Then you have a spot for your favorite moment and space to write a little about your day. There is also a spot for an Instax-type photo (but I often use that as more writing space. And lastly, you can track your expenses. 

At the back of the journal is a spot to record landmarks, entertainment, shops, and restaurants you didn’t get to but want to hit up next time. This is followed by four pages of dot-grid paper for any other notes, ideas, to-dos, whatever you might have. 

Overall, the EC petite travel journal is a great size for tossing in your bag and writing a bit at the end of each day. You can throw on a pencil pouch* and have all you need to journal your trip together! If you want a little more room, you can use a planny pack* instead. 

Interested in getting your own EC travel journal as the summer travel season starts? Use my affiliate link and head over to EC* to get your own!

Where are you traveling to this year?

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