Erin Condren has been releasing tons of sneak peeks for their upcoming launch, which should be soon! They’ve also been giving answers to some questions on social media. Everyone is super excited about this year’s launch because there are so many options that we’ve been asking for! 

So what all has EC given us so far?


There are going to be three designs to choose from. Mid Century Circles is back! Along with Flora and Just My Type. I used to be a neutral planner but this year I did colorful layers and really liked it. And I don’t match all my stickers to the monthly colors. I don’t think it clashes. 

Flora is gorgeous and I almost want to go with it. I’m just not a big flower as decor fan. The flora looks really elegant to me.

Lastly, just my type is made for those that I want to add their own flair. It’s pretty plain. I am tempted by this but I wish it was a different font. I’m not a big fan of the 70’s style font. 


So for years, EC fans have been asking for bigger and smaller planners. They have finally listened! You can now get 8.5×11, 7×9, or A5. I love all the options. The larger size is always tempting because I write big and could use the extra room. I don’t mind the 7×9. It’s actually a pretty decent size. Plus I have all the 7×9 covers and planner stand. A5 is also tempting. It would fit in my purse or bag easily. I could maybe fit it in my petite folios (might have to test this with my budget book). 

Overall, I think it’s great that they are offering different sizes. People seem super excited about all the choices.


Now, we’ve talked about the designs and sizes but what options are there? OH SO MANY!

We still have our OG coil which is great for the snap-in accessories. I believe the 7×9 binders will be back. I haven’t seen anything specific on these but am assuming since the teacher binder came back.

Then the biggest new item is the A5 Agenda, a 6 ring vegan leather folio. Look how gorgeous these are! The binder and Agenda allow you to add, remove, or move around as you need. Hopefully, they will offer a better punch than the binder or you can use any A5 punch. With the binder punch, you can do 1-2 pages at a time. It kinda stinks if you want to add a lot. I love how it has slots for cards, a pen loop, and spots for notepads. 

There are so many different choices this year! I am struggling to decide which direction I will go in for 2022. I really like the A5 Agenda in Mid Century Circles. I am leaning towards to daily duo because I no longer need a weekly and petite planner. I used to use both when I also used the petite to content plan but I’ve moved my content planning to a monthly planner (and it’s so much easier). 

My current plan is to do the Daily Duo in the mid-century circles. I debated the OG 7×9 and A5 size. Based on how many covers I have, I think I will stick with the OG. Yes, I know the A5 coiled will have interchangeable covers (based on the A5 notebooks currently available) but I don’t want to waste all the covers I already have. Did I mention in the comments on Instagram, EC confirmed the DD will have weekends on separate days?! I think that is the biggest thing everyone wanted in the DD (and Petites!). For me, I am busiest on weekends. I was going to try the DD anyway and make it work but this is even better!

I’m also just in love with the MCC A5 Agenda so I may use that for my fitness planner. I was going to use the wellness planner but I hate that it’s only in quarters. I currently use the monthly binder but it’s a bit big. Agenda may be the way to go! Or another option would be to get this for work, especially if I am still telecommuting and going in 1-2 days per week. It would be a nicer planner to carry around than the generic one I have now. 

Images from EC Facebook, Instagram, and website. You can check out the sneak peeks here

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