I am horrible at journaling.

I’d really love to be one of those people that sits down each night and pours her heart out into a journal. I’ve tried. I never stick with it for longer than a few weeks. But it never happens. I’ve attempted different journals from blank, to prompts, to line a day. Nothing helps.

A couple of years ago, I bought a petite planner gratitude journal. I still was spotty with it, but I eventually finished it! And I bought another one. They are supposed to be six months, but it takes me about a year to complete.

I like the gratitude journal because each day has a different prompt. Each edition of the journal has the same prompts, but it varies by the day. Some people bounce around and fill in the prompt they want to for the day.

I go in order. It forces me to really think about the prompt and what happened that day. After about four weeks of prompts, there is a reflection and look ahead section. And it comes with a sheet of stickers. Because who doesn’t love stickers?

How do you journal? Do you like a blank notebook or something with prompts?

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